OPEN-VOICE (loud-speaking) Type Apartment Intercoms

The Open-Voice Series intercom systems are primarily used in apartment house and multi-unit buildings, where a loud-speaking (open-voice) type of apartment station is desired. They can also be used in small offices and commercial applications.

These attractive stations are available in plastic or stainless steel, and feature talk, listen and door release buttons. The plastic stations also feature international graphic symbols and raised braille lettering.

A variety of stations is available for flush, surface or desk mounting, and to cover existing (larger) intercom back boxes.

Many of the apartment stations are available in 3 or 4-wire configurations.

Older, 5-wire units are also available if required, but not shown on the AlphaQuote™ configuration wizard.


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Wiring Notes

See system Installation Manual: AWD143 for more complete wiring information.

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