AlphaRefuge™ 2400 Series Area of Refuge Telephone Systems

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The AlphaRefuge™ 2400 Series is an audio-visual telephone type (with voice communications) system. It is designed to provide an emergency signal between 1 to 112 area of refuge (area of rescue assistance) remote refuge call boxes and the master station, known as the refuge command center.

The AlphaRefuge™ 2400 Series answers with an 'acknowledge' LED, and the ability to speak with the calling remote(s) using the built-in telephone intercom feature, from the refuge command center, or a remote telephone.

Calls are indicated at the master by visual and audible signals. Remote refuge call box stations have a call-placed / call-answered LED. A maximum of 112 remote refuge call box stations may be connected to the refuge command center. For smaller capacity systems (10 call boxes or less), use the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 Series.

The AlphaRefuge™ 2400 Series systems meet all national codes for area of refuge systems, and include battery back-up as a standard feature. Unlike most other systems, the AlphaRefuge™ 2400 series allows for remote dialing to up to 5 outside telephone numbers in the event that a call is not answered at the refuge command center, in a pre-determined time period.

A full line of ada signage is also available for this system.

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360° Power and Communication Supervision
Standard 2-Way Voice Communications
CI Rated 2 Hour Fire Rated Cable
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