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Indoor and Outdoor Remote Stations

Outdoor Remote Station with Momentary Call button. Woodgrain Plastic finish. Can Surface mount right on wall or over single gang electrical flush back box.

The Alpha Communications«/Tektone OR603 and OR610 series outdoor remotes are designed to fully surface mount on the finished wall surface. They can also be mounted over a single gang flush electrical 'gem' box. No back box is required for surface wall mounting. Both models are finished in a Walnut woodgrain and black finish. They are also available in an all-white version by ordering models OR603W or OR610W.

The OR603 (and OR603W) remotes are 3-wire type and are normally used with system such as the IR704B/PK724, 'EK' series music-intercoms, and the SM103B / Sm103BD Tek-Trio masters. They can be converted into the OR610 (and OR610W) 2-wire type by the addition of a model EC105 non-polarized capacitor.

The OR610 (and OR610W) remotes are 2-wire type and are normally used with system such as the SM201B, SM203B, SM205/SM210 series, and SM400 series.

OR603 / OR610 Outdoor Remote

OR603 / OR610
  • Requires only 2-Wires for Intercom and Call (OR610 series)
  • Requires only 3-Wires for Intercom and Call (OR603 series)
  • Can be Fully Surface Mounted without any Back Box
  • Modern Styling
  • Built-in Momentary Call Button
  • Provided with Tamper-resistant Scrulox Mounting Screws
  • Choose from Woodgrain models or White (suffix W) models
  • Hands-Free Reply

    Dimensions:Height: 5.25" (134mm)
     Width: 4.00" (102mm)
     Projects: 1.25" (32mm) from surface of wall

    The outdoor remote station(s) shall be Alpha Communications«/Tektone OR603/OR603W (or OR610/OR610W), or approved equal. Remote station shall be surface mount and shall include a mylar cone loudspeaker and built-in plastic momentary Call Button. Remote station shall be finished in a Woodgrain/Black finish (OR603 or OR610) or All-White finish (OR603W or OR610W). Remote shall be secured to the wall with tamper-resistant scrulox mounting screws. Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical codes.

    S1 Screwdriver (for system installation/maintenance).

    EC105 NON-POLARIZED CAPACITOR. Required when using the OR601 or OR601W remotes with the SM201B, SM203B, SM205/SM210 series or SM400 series master stations.
    BACK BOXES/HOUSINGS (Not Required for 'OR6' Remotes)

    Depends upon intercom systems being used. See individual system wiring diagram for more complete wiring information.

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