Wireless Repeater & Locator Unit for WNC510 Network Coordinator

Use with Optional BA510 Backup Battery and OH511N Outdoor Enclosure as Needed

Model #: WRL511
Spec Sheet Preview: The Alpha Communications® WRL511 is a high power repeater and locator for the AlphaEcall™ 200 series and/or AlphaEntry (v5.5 or later) Wireless Emergency Call System. The WRL511 repeater / locator allows greater distances between the AlphaEcall™ 200 series Transmitters and Network Coordinator, and also provides general transmitter locator information. Its range makes the receiver/locator a practical solution for open-air installations such as campuses, multi-wing buildings, and other large wireless projects. The WRL511 uses signal strength to distinguish between virgin and re-transmitted …
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Outside Dimensions:
6.50"W x 3.50"H x 1.00"D
(165mm W x 89mm H x 25mm D)

Architects & Engineer's Specs

The Repeater/Locator(s) shall be Alpha Communications® WRL511 or approved equal. The Repeater/Locator shall increase the alarm transmission range, and shall provide at least 200 milliwatts of effective radiated RF power. It shall also determine the general area from which an alarm transmission is sent, and shall transmit that information to the WNC510 Network Coordinator and/or other WRL511 Repeater/Locators. Alarm and supervisory check-in signals from transmitters shall be maintained reliably with multiple repeaters in the system. The repeater/locator shall not require a home-run wire back to the receiver or panel.

Alpha Communications® has designed the AlphaEcall™ 200 series and AlphaEntry (v5.5 or later) to work as a system. The Master Stations have been carefully designed and matched to work with these wireless and wired peripherals. Alpha Communications® will not warrant or support components for these systems that are purchased separately unless the components are add-ons to previously sold systems. Alpha Communications® will also not warrant or support a system that is a mix of Alpha Communications® and Non-Alpha Communications® parts, unless prior written permission has been obtained. In order to track our systems and to inform facilities of software upgrades, full site information (site name, address and phone number) will be required when ordering. Site information and WNC510 warranty number will also be required when requesting technical support.

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