Model #: UM1004WH
Spec Sheet Preview: The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ UM1004 flush adapters are designed to work specifically with  any of the HT2000 series intercom handsets,  to allow the handsets to be flush mounted into  a finished wall.  All UM1004 flush adapters feature a flush  mount plastic wall housing and textured finish front faceplate, to match the handset color  (White, Ivory, Grey or Brown) and texture.  The UM1004 flush adapters are available in  four (4) colors; UM1004WH (White),  UM1004IV (Ivory), UM1004GR (Grey) or  UM100 …
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Inside Dimensions:
3.675"W x 9.25"H x 1.50"D
(93mm W x 235mm H x 38mm D)
Outside Dimensions:
4.25"W x 10.13"H x 0.55"D
(108mm W x 257mm H x 14mm D)

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Side View

Architects & Engineer's Specs

The HT2000 series handset flush adapter(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ UM1004 series , in White (UM1004WH), Ivory (UM1004IV), Grey (UM1004GR) or Brown (UM1004BR) color. 

Flush adapter(s) shall include a flush plastic housing and matching textured faceplate to handset textured finish.

Contractor shall install as per manufacturers instructions, and shall observe all national and local electrical and building codes.

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