Model #: PK250B
Spec Sheet Preview: The Alpha Communications® / TekTone model PK250B  Uninterruptable Power Supply is primarily used with the  NC300 / NC300II series and/or HC345C series microprocessor  based nurse/emergency call systems and provides for uninterrupted power in the event of utility power failures, voltage  surges, spikes, brownouts and blackouts. It's economical cost  and extremely compact size will enhance the operation of all your  NC300, NC300II and HC345C systems. When power is interrupted, the PK250B immediately cuts in to  provide square wave pow …
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Description: The PK250B is a 500VA/300W 120 VAC line interactive UPS designed for desktop or floor mounting. Back-up time - full load: 3.4 minutes Back-up time - half load: 9.3 minutes Features: * USB Communications – The PK250B Series has HID-compliant USB communications that is automatically recognized by all Windows software versions. No special drivers are required. * Buck/Boost Voltage Regulation – Offers a more stable AC source during surge and sag events without constant use of internal batteries. * Slim-line Profile – Provides users with the ability to install the Entrust Series in a variety of environments. * RoHS Compliant – Compliant with European Economic Unions directive on the reduction of hazardous substances (RoHS), in electronic equipment. * SentryPlus Software – SentryPlus auto-shutdown and monitoring software is included with every unit. No special downloads or coupons are required. Properties: Device type: Uninterruptible Power Supply Input plug type: 5-15P [5-15P] Input voltage: 120 Output voltage: 120 Number of fully protected outlets: 4 (5-15R) [5-15R] Number of surge protected only outlets: 4 (5-15R) [5-15R] Phone / modem (RJ-11) protection? Yes Network (RJ-45) protection? Yes No. of serial (DB-9) ports: 0 No. of dry contact ports: 0 USB port: Yes
Outside Dimensions:
3.50"W x 10.90"H x 10.80"D
(89mm W x 277mm H x 274mm D)

Manuals & Diagrams

System-Specific Information

AlphaECall™ 200 Series Non-Voice Emergency-Call System - NON U.L.

See System Installation Manual: AWD235 for more complete wiring information.

NC300II Color Microprocessor Nurse-Call System - U.L. 1069

See system Installation Manual: IL715 for more complete wiring information.

Architects & Engineer's Specs

The (300VA) Uninterruptable Power Supply shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone PK250B or approved equivalent, and shall provide for continuous power in the event of voltage surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts, or similar power interruptions. The power supply has rugged construction and shall include power switch, audible alarm indicator, line output indicator, battery output indicator, output receptacle, power cord and AC/DC fuses for utility power and battery protection. The PK250B is used primarily with the NC300, NC300II and/or HC345C series microprocessor nurse-call and emergency-call systems, but can be used with other nurse-call, emergency-call and annunciator or intercom systems as well.

The PK250B shall be U.L. 1778 and CSA 22.1 Listed.

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