New v4 Website Has Been Launched!

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New v4 Website Has Been Launched!
January 29, 2018

We are excited to announce, after many months of hard work, the release of the fourth major revision to our website! This new web presence is packed with some great new features, as well as a major cosmetic and organizational upgrades.

Before getting into all of the new features, we want to take a moment to mention some of the previously available features that have been carried over to our new website.

  • Customer Sign-In: Our customers can sign into their account to access pricing, generate quotes or even convert quotes into orders and track those orders. If you are a customer and do not have your login credentials, please contact our support staff right away to obtain them!
  • System Builders: Our powerful system builders have, of course, been brought over. These are invaluable tools in assisting our visitors put together systems without advanced technical knowledge of the products! Customers who are signed in will see pricing and have the ability to save their parts lists as formal quotations.
  • PDF Submittal Packages & Custom Specification Sheets: Quotes are sent out with individual specification sheets that are customized with customer company logo (or name) and contact information in place of ours. There is also a button on the quotes to download a PDF Submittal Package, which is a single PDF that contains a cover page, table of contents, and all of your customize individual specification sheets from your quote.
  • Live On-Line Chat: As always, our sales and support team is available to assist you.

Additionally, some of the previously existing features have been improved upon. For example, PDF Submittal Packages are now available on our System Builders so you have access to that information without having to submit a formal quote request.

Some of the new features of our website include:

  • Improved Responsiveness: We have made a drastic overhaul in the responsiveness of the website, which is to say that it responds well to various devices with a wide range of screen size and proportions.
  • Resource Reorganization: Our website documentation and informational elements have been reorganized and optimized for easier navigation.
  • Improved Searches: The "search-suggest" functionality, which is the data that appears as you type in the search box, has been expanded to search systems, documents, inventory and more. Our full search feature includes a reformatted results page with results separated by type.
  • Improved System Builders: Many of our system builders have been updated to allow for more customization of features. In addition, PDF Submittal Packages can be downloaded directly from the system builders!

As always, we strive to make our website an easy-to-use resource. If you have any comments or suggestions for features, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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