Multi-Unit Residential: Audio Intercom

AlphaTouch™ Cloud-Based PoE Video Intercom System

Mobile Apps with Audio, Video and Door Release + SIP-Based Telephone Dialing

AlphaTouch™ is designed to be THE low cost, smart video-intercom solution for today’s multi-residential, student housing and commercial buildings.The AlphaTouch™ system is an IP based smart video-intercom system that allows residents to see and speak to visitors, and release the door, on their smartphone, using their AlphaTouch™ app. At its core, the AlphaTouch™ system features one or more 7.0” touchscreen door entry stations, for easy installation and years of trouble-free operation. The system provides audio and visual calls without the need for pricey video-intercom monitors and their related wiring, labor and power supply requirements.The AlphaTouch™ system is available with a variety of features and options, including:Cloud hosted apps and visitor call logs; all updates are done online,Crystal clear 3MP 120°view camera ...

GB2 2-Wire Audio Intercom System

Ideal for Single-Unit or Multi-Unit Buildings, up to 256 Audio Stations (Open-Voice or Handset Type). Optional Access Control and Touchscreen Monitors!

The GB2™ Series, simply put, is our lowest cost multi-family digital audio-intercom system. The GB2™ series connects to two (2) non-polarized wires and can handle up to 256 apartment audio stations and up to four (4) door entry stations.While the GB2™ Series digital audio-intercom is designed primarily for use in multi-family (apartment house) or commercial office buildings, it can also be used in residential applications, in "villa mode". The GB2™ Series features a choice of the NHEA GB2 (open-voice) or the T-562 (handset) audio-intercom stations.Options include multiple entrance capability, video monitors, secondary (single or multiple) camera switching and multi-relay outputs. The GB2™ Series door stations are available in the NEXA Aluminum (flush or surface), INOX Stainless Steel (flush or surface) or JAZZ (surface/economy/ ...

QwikBUS™ 2-Wire LOOP Multi-Unit Entry Intercom System

Got 2 Wires?If so, the QwikBUS™ Series is perfect for your building's entry intercom security needs.The QwikBUS™ Series entry intercom is designed primarily for use in multi-family (apartment house) or commercial office buildings, but can also be used in residential applications. It is our highest quality wired intercom unit, for the most demanding luxury and security applications. It can be used in any building up to 120 stations (or more), and up to three (3) stations can be installed in each suite, in parallel.Lobby (entry) panels are available in modular style (in a choice of 3 colors), stainless steel and polished brass, in stock and custom configurations.Options include multiple entrance capability, and inter-mixing with the vfs1000 series video monitor units.The QwikBUS™ Series color intercom stations are available in a choi ...

AlphaEntry™ Telephone Entry / Lobby Directory Software

Ideal for Large Multi-Unit Buildings, Medical Offices, Clinics and Assisted Living Facilities

AlphaEntry™ is a patented, innovative approach to building lobby name directory displays, telephone entry, intercom, video-intercom and emergency-call. Using a simple PC (running Windows®), a touch-screen (or regular) display monitor, and AlphaEntry™ software, you can easily display all of the names of your building residents in an easy to read graphical format, and make a phone (or intercom) call to the resident with a few simple clicks (or touches).AlphaEntry™ is packed with features and is adaptable to fit virtually any facility, institution, office building, or multi-residential application. AlphaEntry™ works in virtually any size building, and can display and call virtually any number of building resident names, intercoms or phones. AlphaEntry™ can even be used with existing or new intercom and/or video-intercom systems, ...

OPEN-VOICE (loud-speaking) Type Apartment Intercoms

The Open-Voice Series intercom systems are primarily used in apartment house and multi-unit buildings, where a loud-speaking (open-voice) type of apartment station is desired. They can also be used in small offices and commercial applications.These attractive stations are available in plastic or stainless steel, and feature talk, listen and door release buttons. The plastic stations also feature international graphic symbols and raised braille lettering.A variety of stations is available for flush, surface or desk mounting, and to cover existing (larger) intercom back boxes.Many of the apartment stations are available in 3 or 4-wire configurations. Older, 5-wire units are also available if required, but not shown on the AlphaQuote™ configuration wizard.

APARTMENT Intercom Kits--Choose from 8 Low-Cost Models

Alpha Communications® IK543 Series low-cost, open-voice (loudspeaking) apartment (multi-family) intercom kits.These are our lowest cost open-voice (loudspeaking) apartment intercom systems for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 family buildings.Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 family models, all with surface mount stations and surface door entry panel, for easy installation.All kits include basic intercom connecting cable and all other components necessary for a complete working apartment intercom system.If door release is required, simply add a 16vac electric door opener (and additional wiring), as needed.All kits can be expanded in the future, if required.

TE Series Telephone Entry Intercom Systems

The TE Series telephone entry intercoms are fully surface mount stainless steel faceplate units in a painted enclosure with built-in rainhood. All master stations can be used with 1 to 20 building entrances per system.These systems can be used as conventional 'dialer' type or 'no-phone-bill' type (A.K.A. 'no phone line').Built-in (and add-on) alphabetical directory modules make finding the tenant's code very easy, even in larger buildings. By entering a simple 1 to 4 digit code, the system calls the correct phone number, to allow access. The called party's phone number remains secret. Programming and any re-programming are push button simple, and are done right at the keypad. The TE903 unit has a built-in 100 name directory and electronic capacity for up to 750 users, however if you use a smaller font size on your directory sheet printout ...

HT3000 Series 2/3/5-Wire Handset Type Entry Intercoms

The versatile and stylish HT3000 Series handsets are primarily used in apartment house, commercial/office and multi-unit buildings, and are available in 2-wire, 3-wire or 5-wire versions. Choose from white, titanium or anthracite (charcoal) finishes (2-wire and 5-wire only).These attractive handsets easily surface mount right on the wall or over a single gang flush electrical back box (or plaster ring). Handsets can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ1003XX Series desk adaptor (XX=2-digit handset color suffix), or can be flush mounted with the addition of a model UM3004X flush housing/trim assembly (X=1-digit handset color suffix).All HT3000 Series handsets feature textured finish (to minimize scratches and fingerprints), electric buzzer signaling (adjustable), quality coiled cord, electric door release and a spare ( ...

HT2006 Common-Talk Selective Ring Handset Intercom

The HT2006 Series handsets are designed to work as a home or office type handset intercom station, with or without paging capabilities for industrial and commercial applications. Choose from a 5-button (HT2006/5WH) or 10-button (HT2006/10W) version. Handset shown is the 10-button HT2006/10 model.These attractive handsets easily surface mount right on the wall or over a single gang flush electrical back box (or plaster ring). Handsets can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ1006 series desk adaptor, or can be flush mounted with the addition of a model UM1004WH flush housing/trim assembly.All HT2006 Series handsets feature textured finish (to minimize scratches and fingerprints), electric buzzer signaling (adjustable), heavy duty coiled cord with strain relief and five (5) or ten (10) momentary push button switches.

DPK Series Ultra-Compact Intercom Kits--2 Wire Handsets

The 'DPK' Series handset intercom kits feature an ultra-compact surface door station with a built in system amplifier/power supply.These are our lowest cost handset type (duplex) apartment intercom kits and only require 2-wires to each inside apartment handset station!The 3.25" wide (83mm) door station is so slim it can be mounted on just about any narrow door frame.Choose from 1, 2, or 3 family models, all with surface mount stations and ultra-compact surface door entry panel, for easy installation.All kits include 1, 2, or 3 (2-wire) white inside handsets, ultra-compact surface door station (with built-in amplifier/power supply and speaker/microphone) and plug-in system trans- former.If door release is required, simply add a 16VAC electric door opener (and additional wiring), as needed.
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