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: Assisted Living

AlphaPage™ Alarm/Call/Fault Monitoring Pocket Paging System

AlphaPage™ is a call/alarm/fault signal monitoring system designed to instantly send user programmed messages to alpha-numeric pocket pagers in response to an incoming signal.It can be connected to a nurse-call or emergency-call master annunciator or it can be a stand-alone system, activated by remote alarm input signals.Alarm input signals can be dry contact type or low voltage (AC or DC).Up to 256 (or more) alarm points can be monitored by up to 999 pocket pagers.AlphaPage™ is designed to be used in a local facility environment, and is not for long-distance pocket paging.

AlphaStatus™ Room Status and Emergency Call System

Ideal for Commercial Spaces, Clinics, Urgent Care and Medical Offices.

Ideal for Law Offices, Banks, Professional Offices, Clinics, and other busy office environments. The AlphaStatus™ Series room status system provides all of the most desirable ergonomic features and functions required by today's health care administrative professionals, at an affordable price. It addresses the needs of patient, nurse, and doctor, by combining ease of operation, positive visual indication and a wide variety of options. The AlphaStatus™ system master stations are mounted in an attractive modular housing, which can be flush, surface or desk mounted, in your choice of titanium, white or brown colors. Each master supports up to 28 room indicators, or more, with virtually no limit.The AlphaStatus™ system can pay for itself by enabling a doctor's office to run more smoothly and efficiently, allowing for a greater number of ...

QwikBUS™ 2-Wire LOOP Multi-Unit COLOR Video-Intercom System

Got 2 Wires?If so, the QwikBUS™ Series is perfect for your building's entry video-intercom security needs.The QwikBUS™ Series color video-intercom is designed primarily for use in multi-family (apartment house) or commercial office buildings, but can also be used in residential applications. It is our highest quality color video-intercom unit, for the most demanding luxury and security applications. It can be used in any building up to 120 monitors (or more), and up to five (5) monitors can be installed in each suite, in parallel. Lobby (entry) panels are available in modular style (in a choice of 3 colors), stainless steel and polished brass, in stock and custom configurations.Options include multiple entrance capability, audio only intercom stations, secondary (single or multiple) camera switching, and flush mounting of the video m ...

AlphaEntry™ Telephone Entry / Lobby Directory Software

Ideal for Large Multi-Unit Buildings, Medical Offices, Clinics and Assisted Living Facilities

AlphaEntry™ is a patented, innovative approach to building lobby name directory displays, telephone entry, intercom, video-intercom and emergency-call. Using a simple PC (running Windows®), a touch-screen (or regular) display monitor, and AlphaEntry™ software, you can easily display all of the names of your building residents in an easy to read graphical format, and make a phone (or intercom) call to the resident with a few simple clicks (or touches).AlphaEntry™ is packed with features and is adaptable to fit virtually any facility, institution, office building, or multi-residential application. AlphaEntry™ works in virtually any size building, and can display and call virtually any number of building resident names, intercoms or phones. AlphaEntry™ can even be used with existing or new intercom and/or video-intercom systems, ...

IPPlus CAT5 PoE Video Intercom

This is a full IP solution for those luxury Homes, Residential buildings, Condominiums or Office buildings where an exclusive way of communication with the visitors or between the users of the system is required (intercom function). Because of its proprietary Peer2Peer technologies, the 7.0"  BEOVIEW7 touchscreen monitors do not require a server. Just a PoE LAN will be enough to make these monitors work together. The system uses TCP/IP which means you can connect these video devices to an existing LAN. The communication data is encrypted to prevent external devices from interfering with the communication process and ensures the best quality image, privacy, and security.Features: Exquisite 7.0" Touchscreen MonitorsFull duplex digital audio communication100-image memory capacity with time stampIntercom between monitorsConcierge ...

VK237 Series 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System

Ideal for Single-Family Residences and Single-Unit Commercial Spaces

The Alpha Communications VK237WS Series 2-Wire Color Video Intercom Kit is our most economical master/remote video intercom for door entry or any other application requiring a single master and a single remote intercom station, with expand-ability for a 2nd outdoor remote camera station and up to 3 indoor (7") monitors*.These attractive monitors are conveniently surface mounted right on the wall, using a provided wall mounting bracket. A small power supply connects to standard 120VAC/60Hz. electrical power, and provides power for the electronic chime, video monitor/camera and intercom.The video monitor features a crystal clear 7.0" (measured diagonally) flat screen Color monitor, electronic tone signaling and a momentary door release switch. The monitor also features a front-mounted 'ON' button to turn the monitor on without being called ...

GB2 2-Wire Color Video Intercom System

Ideal for Single-Unit or Multi-Unit Buildings, up to 256 Video Monitors - Optional Access Control and Touchscreen Monitors!

The GB2™ Series, simply put, is our lowest cost multi-family video-intercom system. The GB2™ series connects to two (2) non-polarized wires and can handle up to 256 apartment monitor stations and up to four (4) door entry stations.While the GB2™ Series color video-intercom is designed primarily for use in multi-family (apartment house) or commercial office buildings, it can also be used in residential applications, in "villa mode". The GB2™ Series features a choice of the VESTA2 GB2 (4.3"), the VESTA7 GB2 (7.0" ) or the PENTHA7 GB2 (7.0" touchscreen) video-intercom monitors.Options include multiple entrance capability, audio only intercom handset stations, secondary (single or multiple) camera switching and multi-relay outputs. The GB2™ Series door stations are available in the NEXA Aluminum or St. Steel finish, and can be fl ...

SC Series Ticket Window and Service Window Intercoms

Today's security and isolation booths and ticket booths are often the best step you can take to protect your employees. But do they protect and also help maintain your very important good will? Not if clerks and customers have to shout and growl and repeat themselves to be heard or understood.The Alpha Communications™ / Haven SC Series is a 2-way, hands-free audio systems that provides high-quality personal communication between people separated by security or isolation barriers. They are widely used system in the U.S., and around the world.

AlphaTouch™ Cloud-Based PoE Video Intercom System

Mobile Apps with Audio, Video and Door Release + SIP-Based Telephone Dialing

AlphaTouch™ is designed to be THE low cost, smart video-intercom solution for today’s multi-residential, student housing and commercial buildings.The AlphaTouch™ system is an IP based smart video-intercom system that allows residents to see and speak to visitors, and release the door, on their smartphone, using their AlphaTouch™ app. At its core, the AlphaTouch™ system features one or more 7.0” touchscreen door entry stations, for easy installation and years of trouble-free operation. The system provides audio and visual calls without the need for pricey video-intercom monitors and their related wiring, labor and power supply requirements.The AlphaTouch™ system is available with a variety of features and options, including:Cloud hosted apps and visitor call logs; all updates are done online,Crystal clear 3MP 120°view camera ...
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