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This presentation guides you through the general features and applications of our AlphaEntry™ System.
Use this presentation to guide you through a brief overview of the types of systems that Alpha Communications® offers. This presentation may also be used as a visual tool for training seminars, or to refresh your knowledge of what types of systems are available.
New buildings, or buildings undergoing rennovations, with more than one floor are required by law to have an Area of Refuge system. This presentation explains what Area of Refuge is, illustrates the problems that can arise when the appropriate area of refuge system is not in place, the safety benefits of the proper system installation, and National system codes and requirements. You will also be informed on how AlphaRefuge™ can help you make your buidling compliant!
This presentation guides you through our alphaBlueLight™ Systems - rugged high quality Emergency-Call systems. They are designed to provide emergency signaling and voice communications through a variety of calling technologies and power sources.Calls are placed with a simple press of a call button and there are a host of optional features such as built-in cameras, wide area broadcast speakers, custom colors and graphics, choice of strobe colors, and much more.When used with one or more Master Stations running our AlphaEntry™ software, these systems provide full event logging, optional camera viewing, and the quickest way possible to respond in the event of an emergency.
Our extensive line of open-voice apartment intercom systems allows you to choose from over 170 different models of apartment stations and lobby entry panels made of Aluminum, Brass or Stainless Steel, with Plastic, Illuminated, or Metal Buttons, with options such as built-in Privacy Handsets, Cameras, Prox Readers, etc.
Do you need Phone-Bill (Dialer) or No Phone-Bill type? The choices can sometimes be confusing. This presentation will help clarify your options by carefully explaining each Alpha Communications® Telephone Entry system, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. We offer systems from 2 to 2 million or more) apartments with a variety of system options.
When you need a heavy-duty commercial intercom system for up to 240 (or more) masters and/or remotes, simply choose the CB901 Series. With 15 (expandable) talk paths (links), and sophisticated software capabilities, you can customize the CB901 for virtually any high-end intercom application.
When you need a large capacity commercial intercom system for up to 56 masters and/or remotes, simply choose the RM5000 Series. With 3 talk paths (links), the RM5000 series intercom is ideal for busy offices and other high-end intercom applications."
When entry security is critical in apartment/residential and commercial application, choose from Alpha Communications®' wide variety of Video-Intercoms for every application. When positive visual identification is a must, video-intercom is the answer! Seeing is make sure you see this presentation!
This presentation guides you through our Emergency/Nurse-Call systems. Systems covered include AlphaECall 100, DS100, AlphaLINQ 100, NC150N, NC200N, NC300II and more. Choose from simple tone and light systems, all the way up to full-blown microprocessor controlled / computerized systems. Explore the features of each system and figure out which is perfect for your next health-care project!
The AlphaECall™ 200 Series emergency-call system is designed for multi-family dwellings housing the elderly, or handicapped, assisted living residences, or for other emergency-call/panic type applications. Any resident requiring emergency assistance can signal the building manager, security guard and/or neighbors by activating a conveniently located pull-cord/push-button switch in each apartment or remote signaling location. Alert devices can be wired (2-wire or 4-wire loop), wireless or both!
This presentation guides you through our NC300II Emergency/Nurse-Call system. The NC300II Series TEK-MICRO-CARE Microprocessor-Based Audio-Visual Nurse-Call System is designed for Health-Care applications where voice communication and visual indication is required, on an addressable system.

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If your business is providing CCTV, Card Access, Fire Alarm, Video, Security, and/or Electrical Contracting services, and you wish to broaden your product line, and in turn increase your business, then you won't want to overlook the opportunity to provide Nurse and Emergency - Call Systems to your new and existing customers.
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