Pocket Paging
For use with Call System or 'stand-alone' Pocket Paging applications


AlphaEntry™ Telephone Entry / Lobby Directory Software

AlphaEntry™ is a patented, innovative approach to building lobby name directory displays, telephone entry, intercom, video-intercom and emergency-call. Using a simple PC (running Windows®), a touch-screen (or regular) display monitor, and AlphaEntry™ software, you can easily display all of the names of your building residents in an easy to read graphical format, and make a phone (or intercom) call to the resident with a few simple clicks (or touches).AlphaEntry™ is packed with features and is adaptable to fit virtually any facility, institution, office building, or multi-residential application. AlphaEntry™ works in virtually any ...

AlphaPage™ Alarm/Call/Fault Monitoring Pocket Paging System

AlphaPage™ is a call/alarm/fault signal monitoring system designed to instantly send user programmed messages to alpha-numeric pocket pagers in response to an incoming signal.It can be connected to a nurse-call or emergency-call master annunciator or it can be a stand-alone system, activated by remote alarm input signals.Alarm input signals can be dry contact type or low voltage (AC or DC).Up to 256 (or more) alarm points can be monitored by up to 999 pocket pagers.AlphaPage™ is designed to be used in a local facility environment, and is not for long-distance pocket paging. ...