Alphabetical Directories
Standard and Touchscreen Directories for Multi-Unit Commercial and Residential buildings

Stand-Alone Alphabetical Directories - Various Finishes

Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, polished brass or electronic style alphabetical directories for your apartment house, multi-family, or commercial office building. Any size building can be accommodated, and we can even provide the engraved directory strips, if needed, at a slight additional cost.

AlphaEntry™ Telephone Entry / Lobby Directory Software

AlphaEntry™ is a patented, innovative approach to building lobby name directory displays, telephone entry, intercom, video-intercom and emergency-call. Using a simple PC (running Windows®), a touch-screen (or regular) display monitor, and AlphaEntry™ software, you can easily display all of the names of your building residents in an easy to read graphical format, and make a phone (or intercom) call to the resident with a few simple clicks (or touches).AlphaEntry™ is packed with features and is adaptable to fit virtually any facility, institution, office building, or multi-residential application. AlphaEntry™ works in virtually any ...