Product Specification Sheet APS995

Rev. 08/2016

SS201 Clean Room Membrane Type Master Stations

  • Antibacterial membrane keyboard
  • Flush or Surface mounting (using appropriate housing)
  • Convenient Simplex voice operation
  • Multi-color LED for Talk/Listen Modes
  • One to One operation
  • Operates on 24VDC low-voltage
  • Requires only 4 wires between the two stations
  • Made in USA
SS201 Clean Room Membrane Type Master Stations

The SS201 is a simple one to one communication system designed to be used in a sterile environment. The antibacterial membrane inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. It is resistant to chemicals and household cleaners and the station is designed to be water tight when used with a proper 3 gang electrical back box BBF910 (for flush mounting) or BBS910 surface back box.

The convenient 'simplex' operation allows the operator to push the TALK button when they need to talk and release to listen. When the conversation is over, either party can cancel the call by pressing the CANCEL button. The LED turns red when in the LISTEN mode and green in the TALK mode, so from a distance, one can see if the station is ON. There is a separate speaker and microphone for crystal clear intelligibility. The stations are designed for an optional headset and foot switch.

Where required, the SS201 can also be used with the SS200 (Stainless Steel faceplate) desk/wall master station. 

When used with the RM5000EX or CB901EX systems, the SS201 can be used in a larger capacity system. 


Width: 6.375" (162mm)
Height: 4.475" (114mm)
Depth: 3.00" (77mm)

Operating Voltage: 20-27VDC
Power Consumption: 150mA max.
Flush Backbox: Standard (deep style) 3-gang electrical back box model BBF910
Surface Backbox: BBS910
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Contractor shall furnish and install a complete Alpha Communications® SS201 series intercom system.

Contractor shall furnish, and install all SS201 hardware as provided by Alpha Communications®, 42 Central Drive, Farmingdale NY 11735-1202, Phone: 1-800-666-4800,, and any other necessary equipment required for complete system operation.

Contractor shall install in a suitable secure and environmentally suitable area, the SS201 central power supply and any hardware and cabling required for incorporation into the building’s electrical power.

At each clean room location, contractor shall supply, furnish, and install one (1) SS201 clean room intercom station with the associated (BBF910 Flush or BBS910 Surface) housing. The system can accommodate a maximum of two (2) SS201 stations per system.

If required, contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model ST-FOOT (or ST-FOOT-P with SF001J wall connecting plate), foot pedal switch, to be connected to the associated SS201 intercom station.

Contractor shall furnish, install and configure the SS201 system as directed by architect/engineer/building owner/manager or developer in charge of the project.

Contractor shall provide instructions to necessary building personnel regarding the proper method of operation of the SS201 system.


A. Delivery: Deliver materials to site in manufacturer’s original, unopened containers and packaging, with labels clearly identifying product name and manufacturer.

B. Storage: Store materials in clean, dry area indoors in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

C. Handling: Protect materials during handling and installation to prevent damage.


A. Warranty Period: Each piece of equipment and/or software supplied by Alpha Communications® and others shall be warranted by the manufacturer to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment, as covered by the manufacturer’s Limited Warranty.


A. Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results. Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer's absolute limits.

B. Use factory recommendations regarding wiring type and gauge in order to insure proper system function and dependability. Also follow factory recommendations regarding distance limitations.

C. When running wiring avoid proximity to AC wiring, fluorescent ballasts, dimmers, motors and compressors to prevent potential EMI issues that will affect proper operation of the system.

Any items not specified herein that is needed for proper operation will be included in this specification.


System shall operate as follows:


The system shall be able to place a voice call from either SS201 intercom station to the other, simply by depressing the TALK button on the calling SS201 station. While the user is holding down the TALK button (or depressing the foot pedal) they can speak to the person at the other SS201 station. Once the TALK button (or foot pedal) is released, the called party can answer hands-free. This communication method can be repeated as needed. Once either party depress the CANCEL button, the conversation is completed.

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