Product Specification Sheet APS991

Rev. 05/2016

ECBPOOL Emergency 911 Dialer Call Box For Pools

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The AlphaRefuge™ ECBPOOL Emergency 911 Call Box(es) shall be Alpha Communications® ECBPOOL series, or approved equal.

The EmergencyCall Box(es) shall be Surface Mount type and shall be constructed of fiberglass with a matching surface backbox/housing in a powder Red finish. The Emergency Call Box(es) shall be programmed to dial 911 upon activation and shall contain a built-in heavy-duty metal call button and Red call placed / call answered LED.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

ECBPOOL Emergency 911 Dialer Call Box For Pools

The Alpha Communications® ECBPOOL Emergency Call Box is typically used in a pool or activity area but can be an extremely valuable addition to any location where someone may need to dial 911 in haste. It operates on power provided by the existing phone line and comes already programmed to dial 911.

The ECBPOOL's fiberglass construction is certified (NEMA 4) for exterior use.

  • NEMA 4 watertight speaker phone
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Exterior rated
  • Powered by phone line
  • Push button and phone auto dials 911 or reprogram with your preferred telephone number
  • Optional call back with audible ringer

5.625"W (143mm) X 9.875"H (251mm) X 3.25"D (83mm)

Surface Enclosure: Fiberglass, Exterior (NEMA 4) Rated
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