Product Specification Sheet APS988

Rev. 04/2016

PM904 Mini 'No-Phone-Bill' Control Unit With Cabinet

'No Phone Line' Central Equipment
(for use with TE903NP or TE904NP Telephone
Entry Station or with DPH100W Concierge Phone)
Required Components

Optional Components
PM904 Mini 'No-Phone-Bill' Control Unit With Cabinet

The Alpha Communications┬« PM904 Mini Control Unit with Cabinet is designed to provide 'no phone line capability' when interfaced with the Alpha Communications┬« TE903NP, TE904NP or DPH100W (concierge/guard) master/phone stations, up to a maximum of 48 telephones (using up to 4 of the RY912 Relay Boards).

  • Can be used with either rotary or touch-tone service
  • No monthly phone line rental fee
  • Provides intercom (from lobby) for tenants that do not have outside telephone line service
  • Distinctive double ring differentiates between visitor calls and incoming calls
  • Connection for guard/concierge phone
  • Multiple entrance capability
  • Only two wires to interface with lobby equipment
  • Call waiting feature
  • DOC and FCC approved

10.50"W x 14.50"H x 6.50"D
(267mm) x (369mm) x (166mm)
Power Required:
110VAC with SS106 (pigtail) or T1640 (plug-in) Transformer
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Control unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications┬« model PM904 with cabinet. Control unit(s) shall be compatible with the TE903NP, TE904NP and/or DPH100W series lobby/concierge/guard stations. 

For 'no phone line' service capability include all of the required components of a standard Telephone Entry System, plus: a PM904 Control Unit,  RY912 Relay Boards (1 per 12 lines/telephones-max. 4 per PM904), and a CT925 Connector Cable Assembly (1 per RY912). All equipment should be located in the telephone room. Local phone company shall provide the required RJ71C (12 line) interface jack(s) required.

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