Product Specification Sheet APS972

Rev. 11/2016

ECI333 QwikBUS™ Addressable Dual Input E-Call Device

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The addressable Dual Input E-Call Device(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ QwikBUSECI333 or equivalent.

The ECI333 can be used in conjunction with the FSE1500 or VFSE1500 (or equivalent) intercom/emergency stations that require one or two dry contact auxiliary inputs to signal a call or event or a hearing-impaired strobe, etc., or they can be used as stand-alone addressable E-Call input devices.

The ECI333 shall be powered by the QwikBUS™ system's central equipment, and shall provide one or two dry contact inputs to signal a call or event on the associated AlphaEntry™ (v5.5 or later) Master Station(s) or on the AlphaEcall 200 series system(s).

Each ECI333 shall also contain one Form-C relay which can be Off, Steady On, Timed, Slow-Flash, or Fast-Flash, depending upon system settings and requirements.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

ECI333 QwikBUS™ Addressable Dual Input E-Call Device

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ ECI333 QwikBUS™ Addressable Dual Input E-Call Devices are designed to be used in conjunction with the FSE1500 series QwikBUS™ intercom/emergency stations and VFSE1500 series video-intercom/emergency stations, or as stand-alone addressable devices. The ECI333 allows up to two (2) dry contact closures to trigger a call (or event) on the QwikBUS™ system, by means of the connected AlphaEntry™ (v5.5 or later) PC Master Station(s),or on the AlphaEcall 200 series system(s).

Typically these inputs can be a momentary or latching contact using such devices as Emergency Pull Cords, Smoke Detector (relays), Heat Detectors, Wireless Pendants, Panic Buttons, Water sensors, Motion Sensors, and many more.

The signaling type and display are fully user programmable at each associated AlphaEntry™ (v5.5 or later) Master Station location, and these calls/events can trigger other relays, devices, text messages, emails, etc.

  • Accepts one or two dry contact inputs (S1 and S2)
  • Accepts momentary or latching dry contact inputs
  • Positive screw terminal input connectors
  • Can work with the associated FSE1500 (or equivalent) intercom/emergency station or VFSE1500 video-intercom/emergency station, or as a stand-alone addressable input/relay device.
  • The built-in Form-C relay has five states (Off, Steady On, Timed, Slow-Flash or Fast-Flash)
  • Rugged and Reliable
Connectors: Positive Screw terminals for BUS, S1 and S2 inputs and Form-C relay output.
Dimensions: 1.75"W (45mm) X 0.75"H (20mm) X 1.125"D (29mm).
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