Product Specification Sheet APS969

Rev. 09/2018

RSN7049 Instruction and Location Wall Sign (AlphaRefuge™)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The AlphaRefuge™ Instruction and Location sign(s) shall be Alpha Communications® RSN7049, or approved equal.

The RSN7049 sign(s) shall be Surface Mount type and shall be in a White plastic with raised Black lettering and braille wording. Sign(s) shall come with self-stick backing to affix to the surface of the wall.

The RSN7049 sign(s) shall be IBC, NFPA and ADAAG code compliant (section 1007.11).

Contractor shall furnish and install one (1) RSN7049 sign adjacent to each Refuge Call Box station, or as directed by the local AHJs. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

RSN7049 Instruction and Location Wall Sign (AlphaRefuge™)

The Alpha Communications® RSN7049 Instruction and Location Signs are used with the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 and 2400 Series Area of Refuge systems, and can be used with other manufacturer's ARA systems.

The RSN7049 signs come standard with self-stick tape on the back for surface wall mounting, and feature raised lettering and braille wording to comply with the current building codes.

Typically, one RSN7049 would be placed adjacent to each AlphaRefuge™ (or equivalent) Refuge Call Box station, for code compliance (section 1007.11).

  • IBC, NFPA, ADAAG Code Compliant (section 1007.11)
  • White Plastic with Raised Black Lettering
  • Braille Wording
  • Self-stick backing provided
  • Made in USA

6.00"W (153mm) x 8.00"H (204mm) x 0.375"D (10mm)

Material: White Plastic with Raised Black lettering and braille wording
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