Product Specification Sheet APS962

Rev. 11/2015

MXAV333 QwikBUS™ Intelligent Audio/Video Mixer

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The intelligent audio/video mixer(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ QwikBUS™ model MXAV333, or approved equal. The MXA333 shall be built into a rugged high impact ABS plastic case, and shall be used with the associated SP333 intelligent controller (and associated SNT333 power supply and C333-2 connecting cable) for up to 100 QwikBUS™ audio stations (25 per line maximum), or up to 40 QwikBUS™ video stations (8-10 per line maximum). Contractor shall furnish the proper number of MXAV333 and SP333 units (and related components), depending upon system capacity.

Low voltage wiring shall be used and positive screw terminal and plug-in connectors shall be provided for installation wiring. The MXAV333 shall be mountable right to the surface of the wall or in a customer supplied junction box cabinet.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

MXAV333 QwikBUS™ Intelligent Audio/Video Mixer

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ MXAV333 intelligent mixer is used primarily with the QwikBUS™ series intercom or video-intercom systems for systems. The MXAV333 provides the intelligent circuitry needed to install multiples of 100 audio QwikBUS™ stations, or multiples of up to 40 video QwikBUS™ stations, allowing systems with very large system capacities.

Each MXAV333 gets its power from its associated SP333 intelligent controller and corresponding SNT333 power supply. All MXAV333 field connections are positive screw terminal type, or plugin type. Each MXAV333 requires the SP333 and SNT333, and C333-2 connecting cable assembly.

The MXAV333 can also directly replace the older model MXA333 and/or MXV333 mixers. 

  • Easily Installs Right on Finished Wall Surface or in Optional Junction Box
  • Operates on Safe Low-Voltage Class II Wiring
  • Positive Screw Terminal Connectors
Dimensions: Height: 3.75" (96mm)
Width: 4.25" (108mm)
Depth: 2.375" (61mm) from mounting surface
Construction: High impact Grey ABS plastic case
Connections: Positive screw terminal connectors
Temperature Range: 0C° - 50°C
Mounting: Surface-mounted (usually installed near the system amplifier/power supply and other system central equipment).
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