Product Specification Sheet APS961

Rev. 11/2015

WR267 4-Channel Wireless Pendant Receiver Unit

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 4-channel wireless supervised receiver unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® WR267 or approved equal. Receiver(s) shall use the 315 MHz frequency for signal reception. No physical wiring connections to the transmitter shall be required to receive a call and the device shall include two (2) whip antennas and a mounting bracket. The receiver(s) shall be able to accept signals from up to 32 of the WP267 wireless transmitters. The receiver, upon receipt of a signal from the WP267 shall actuate an internal relay. The relay shall provide a NORMALLY OPEN dry contact. The relay can be globally selected as Normally Closed by an internal jumper. The relay shall be able to be set for Latching, Momentary or Toggle On/Off in the field. 

Contractor shall supply the model SS12P (12VDC) power supply, and shall follow manufacturer's instructions and observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

WR267 4-Channel Wireless Pendant Receiver Unit
The WR267 is a four channel supervised digital receiver with solid state outputs designed for use with the WP267 pendant transmitters. This receiver can be used in a variety of security and remote control applications. When the receiver detects a signal from a transmitter programmed into its memory, the appropriate channel output activates. The channel outputs have three optional configurations; momentary, toggle on/off, and latch until restored. Status and low battery outputs are for supervisory indications. Cutting jumpers select which channels require supervisory status reports from transmitters.

The WR267 incorporates a dual high-sensitivity superheterodyne diversity receiver with two whip antennas. This type of receiver provides superior performance by preventing loss of signal due to multi-path interference.


Height: 5.00" (127mm) Width: 7.25" (185mm) Depth: 1.00" (26mm) (less antennas)
10.2 to 14.4 VDC or 12 to 16 VAC (30mA standby : 120mA in alarm)
315 MHz (400 KHz typical Bandwidth)

Measured Range:

1,500 feet typical, with standard WP267 pendant transmitters
Operating Temperature:
32 to 140 F (0 to 60 C)
Transmitter Capacity:
32 total with any distribution between channels (Note: learning multiple transmitters into any channel will defeat device supervision)

Required Components
  • WP267 Wireless Miniature Transmitter
  • SS12P 12VDC Plug-In Power Supply
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