Product Specification Sheet APS955

Rev. 10/2015

KE-PWR5/2A AlphaEntry™ Power Supply and Cable

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The relay board power supply shall be Alpha Communications® AlphaEntryTM series KE-PWR5/2A or equivalent. Each KE-PWR5/2A board shall provide power for up to 16 of the RY032AE and/or RY008AE relay boards.

All secondary wiring to shall be low-voltage Class II wiring. Power supply shall be installed as per all federal, state, and local electrical and building codes.

KE-PWR5/2A AlphaEntryâ„¢ Power Supply and Cable

The Alpha Communications® KE-PWR5/2A power supply is used to provide electrical power for up to 16 of the RY032AE and/or RY008AE  AlphaEntry™ relay boards

The KE-PWR5/2A plugs onto the multi-pin connector on the first RY032AE or RY008AE relay board and the power is then transferred to additional boards using the required CT032AEJ jumper cable(s).

The CT032AEJ jumper cables provide the power and data connection to subsequent RY032AE and RY008AE relay boards. 


  • Plugs into standard 120VAC electrical outlet
  • Secondary operates on Safe Low-Voltage Class II Wiring
  • Provides power for up to 16 of the RY032AE and/or RY008AE relay boards
  • Convenient Plug-in Connector

Dimensions: 2.50"W (64mm) x .875"H (23mm) x 2.00"D (51mm)
less the connecting cable
Primary Power: 120VAC
Connectior: Multi-Pin female connector
Power Output: 5VDC, 2A 
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