Product Specification Sheet APS943

Rev. 07/2015

SF002JC Wall Jack Station - 2 Gang - White Plastic (with 'cord-out')

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The visual single patient station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® SF002JC, or approved equal and shall include two (2) jacks for the required model SF301/8 (single) call-cords or model SF302 (double) call-cords (or other specialty type cords as required).

The station shall be mounted into a standard double gang electrical box (or ring). Pigtail wiring shall be provided for call-placed and cord-out connections. Faceplate shall be White plastic (with matching screws provided).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SF002JC Dual Wall Jack Station

The Alpha Communications® SF002JC visual patient station includes a jack for the insertion of two (2) model SF301/8 (single) or SF302 (dual) call cord sets (or equivalent).

The SF002JC has two (2) conventional 1/4" 'phono' type jacks and accepts a variety of plug-in type call cords and/or devices. The SF002JC features a White Plastic faceplate, and mounts on a double gang electric box or plaster ring. It also provides for a 'cord-out' indication, when used with the AlphaEntry™/QwikBUS™ type systems (or equivalent).

  • White Plastic Faceplate (2-gang)
  • Two (2) standard 1/4" Phono Jacks with 'cord-out' indication
Dimensions: Height: 4.63" (118mm)
Width:  4.75" (121mm)
Depth: 1.50" (38mm)
Projects: 0.44" (11mm) from mounting surface
Construction: White plastic 2-gang face plate
Mounting: Steel City #H2BD box with Steel City #2GC plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model #IH356 box with IH355 ring, or EXACT EQUAL.
Connections: Pigtail wiring (2 for call cord and 2 for cord-out) per jack
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