Product Specification Sheet APS936

Rev. 10/2018

VESTA GB2 Color Hands-Free 3.9" Video-Intercom Monitor

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The hands-free type 3.9" GB2 series color video-intercom monitor station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Golmar VESTA GB2, or approved equal. Monitor(s) shall be mounted on the wall (or desk mounted using optional #SOB-UNI desk adapter). Monitor(s) shall be connected using a simple 2-conductor non-polarized (loop) wiring. Monitor(s) shall include a high quality 3.9" TFT color screen. Monitors using mirrors or other non-flat type screens, or coaxial cable shall not be acceptable. Monitor(s) shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional half-duplex digital voice fidelity. Monitor shall include an on-screen display (OSD) and 2 function buttons for call answering and door release. OSD menu shall be controlled by the front mounted capacitive touch navigation buttons. Monitor shall feature an electronic calling signal (selectable) and shall only protrude from the finished wall 0.75" inches (20mm).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

GB2 Wiring Information
The GB2's system uses simple 2-conductor non-polarized wiring making it ideal for new installations as well as for retrofit applications. All audio, video and data functions are fully digital and using the RAP-2150 (or equivalent) cable you can run up to 300 meters from the entrance panel to the furthest monitor.
VESTA GB2 Color Hands-Free 3.9" Video-Intercom Monitor

The Alpha Communications® VESTA GB2 series hands free type 3.9" color monitors use the GB2 technology from Golmar to provide the most advanced video-intercom system available, for any multi-unit building up to 22 apartments and up to four (4) entry door stations.

These attractive monitors conveniently mount right on the wall and are only 0.75" deep! Due to its advanced design the VESTA GB2 features an easy to use on-screen display (OSD) to easily navigate through its multiple functions, as well as big front buttons for call answering and door release. The menu functions are controlled by the front mounted capacitive touch navigation buttons.

All VESTA GB2 monitors feature a crystal clear 3.9" color TFT flat screen monitor (measured diagonally), on-screen menu to control system functions and hands-free voice.

  • 3.9" (diagonal) Crystal Clear Color TFT Video Screen 
  • Big front button controls for call answering and door release
  • Uses simple 2-conductor non-polarized (loop) wiring
  • Up to four (4) monitors can be called from a single call button (or 16 in VILLA mode)
  • Video memory option (requires the MM-GB2)
  • Easy Installation (optional desk mounting using SOB-UNI desk adapter)
  • Selectable ring tones
  • Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
  • Low profile surface monitor protrudes only 0.75" from wall
  • Magnetic bracket for easy installation
  • Menu available in 5 different languages
  • Selective intercom function to other monitors
  • Spy function and self-activation up to four (4) entry panels
  • Adjustable communication and ring tone volumes
  • Sound repeater output
  • Control of two (2) relay outputs at EL632/GB2B video module
  • Staircase light activation through FA-GB2/A power supply
  • Activation up to two (2) external cameras (requires CAM-GB2 and MM-GB2)
  • Easy monitor programming using DIP switches
  • For fully surface mounting use the optional SUP-GB2 surface back box
  • Optional call transfer to telephone line (requires GSM-GB2)
  • Additional light controls (requires MM-GB2)
  • Can be inter-mixed on the same system with the VESTA2 GB2, VESTA7 GB2, PENTHA7 GB2 and/or THERA GB2 monitors
Dimensions: All VESTA GB2 monitors are 5.45"W (139mm) x 5.45"H (139mm) x 0.75"D (20mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions for the portion of the monitor protruding off of the finished wall.
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