Product Specification Sheet APS925

Rev. 08/2016

SDACT-2 Serial Dialer and Digital Communicator

SDACT-2 Shown without the 

SDACTBX-GRAY Metal Housing 

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Serial Dialer Unit unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Keltron model SDACT-2, or approved equal. The SDACT-2 shall be used in conjunction with an Alpha Communications® Emergency-Call (or similar) notification system, to allow alarm indication at an on- or off-site central station monitoring location.

The SDACT-2 shall have an RS232 port that will allow a string of RS232 data to be converted to an industry standard SIA format for alarm event reporting. Unit shall also be provided with 2 SPDT relays for common alarm and common trouble indication.

The SDACT-2 shall be mountable right to the surface of the wall when mounted in a the SDACTBX-GRAY junction box cabinet, and shall require a customer supplied external phone line and jack. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

Supported Interfaces


COMP2 protocol @ 9600 baud - data derived zone number - event code fixed to Medical Alert (MA)

97P1412SD2: COMP2 protocol @ 2400 baud - data derived zone number - event code fixed to Medical Alert (MA)
97P1413SD2: COMP2 protocol @ 9600 baud - data derived zone number - event code fixed to Burg (BA)
97P1414SD2: COMP2 protocol @ 9600 baud - data derived zone and event code
97P1414SD2: Hybrid protocol @ 9600 baud - data derived zone number - fixed Medical Alert (MA) event code or derived Fire Alarm (FA)  event code

The SDACT-2 serial dialer is typically installed adjacent or nearby to the AlphaEntry PC Master station. If the SDACT-2 needs to be mounted in a remote location, a distance away from the USB port on the PC Master, the installer will need to provide a compatible serial extension cable/device.

SDACT-2 Serial Dialer and Digital Communicator

The Alpha Communications® / Keltron SDACT-2 is a unique solution that interfaces with emergency-call, access control, building management and other systems to enable an appropriate and instantaneous response from personnel at a central or remote monitoring location. The SDACT-2 provides a bridge to an on- or off-site central station-style digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The SDACT-2 accepts pre-defined ASCIII RS232 data strings and converts to SIA, a standard, digital receiver-compatible, alarm reporting format. 

The most common applications for the SDACT-2 is for use with our AlphaEntry™  and AlphaEcall™ emergency-call systems and devices, although it can be used with other similar systems.

  • RS232 Port enables accurate monitoring of event type and location identification
  • Test code call-in cycles are programmable. A manual test button is also included
  • Transmits signals in industry standard SIA format
  • Works with a variety of alarm notification equipment
  • Zones 1-4 supervised EOL, suitable for fault-contact monitoring
  • Zones 5-7 are available for loss of AC and battery fail indications, which are also  reported using standard SIA event codes
  • Local LEDs and audible devices clearly indicate Serial Dialer status

Dimensions (in SDACTBX-GRAY Housing):

Height: 14.00" (356mm)
Width: 17.00" (432mm)
Depth: 4.00" (102mm) from mounting surface

Phone Lines: 2 RJ45 receptacles. Line seizure via RJ31x jack (by others)
Hardwired Zone Inputs: 7 (4-EOL resistor supervised). EOL resistor value 10K Ohms.
Audible Device: rated at 92DB
Ringer Equivalence: .1
User Controls: Jumper (8 total) and Pushbuttons: Reset, Manual Test, Silence, Program.
Power Requirements: Power Input - regulated or unregulated, filtered 20.4 to 27.5VDC
Power Draw: 75mA Idle, 200mA all alarm or lamp test

Programming and

Monitoring Port:

DB-9F RS-232
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