Product Specification Sheet APS924

Rev. 08/2017

SC-300 Counter Top Ticket Window Intercom System

SC-300 Counter-Top Ticket Window
Intercom System
Mounting Details
Mechanical Specifications

Outside Assembly: Machined aluminum, anodized finish, tamper-resistant
Inside Assembly: 
Machined aluminum, anodized finish, tamper-resistant 
Gooseneck Microphone: 
15" long
Dimensions: Each Unit: 2.80"H (72mm) x 8.00"W (204mm) x 2.80"D  (72mm)

5.40 lbs.
Panel Controls: 
Volume, power on-off, LED power indicator

SC-300 Counter Top Ticket Window Intercom System

The SC-300 counter-top ticket window intercom is designed for applications where a cutout in the barrier is impractical.

How It Works...

Two-way communication is accomplished through the use of speakers and microphones on each side of the partition. The inside Master unit is equipped with a 15" gooseneck microphone, power on/off switch, power-on LED, and external volume controls. The Remote unit is vandal resistant with all controls located within the metal housing.The SC-300 provides electronic two-way hands-free audio communications (duplex) between a partition. The SC-300 is equipped with a factory adjusted VOX switch to prevent ambient noise (below 85 decibels) from activating the unit. The SC-300 contains two voice channels, each incorporating a microphone amplifier, VOX switch, compressor, and a power amplifier. The sound amplifier does not exceed a 0.2% total harmonic distortion rating. 

How To Install...

The SC-300 comes ready to operate. The prism units are quickly and easily mounted on the counter-top on opposite sides of the barrier. They can be positioned back-to-back (as shown) or randomly. The unit with the gooseneck microphone and controls goes inside the booth; the unit without controls is mounted outside the booth. There are two ways to install the SC-300: either run the cable between the units through a small hole in the barrier ('A' type mounting), or under the counter-top ('B' type mounting) (as shown on the left).

  • Clear, 2-way hands-free voice communication (duplex).
  • Quality electronic design and engineering.
  • Rugged, tamper-resistant materials.
  • Simple, one-person installation. No need to cut a hole in the barrier.
  • Compact, contemporary design. Fits any decor.
  • Avoid shouting, repetition, misunderstanding.
  • Optional 220VAC Export models available (ask for details).
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction Network
  • Voice Activated Switch
  • Background Noise Level Monitoring
  • Level Detection and Attenuation Control
  • Low Current Draw
  • Reverse Voltage and Voltage Protection
  • Less than 1% Distortion
  • Made in USA
  • Temperature range 32°(0°C) to +122°F (50°C)

The SC-300  systems are shipped complete with a 120VAC (primary) power supply (for AC operated units) or charger (for battery operated units), which steps the power down to a filtered 18VDC, and a 1-year limited warranty.

3 Models Available

  1. SC-300 Complete for continuous-duty operation. 1120VAC power supply stepped down to filtered 18 Volts. Plug-in Power supply is included for 120VAC operation. For 220VAC primary power, please add the model# 220V-OPTION when placing your order.
  2. SC-300HG Same as SC-300 but with jack for wired headset or wireless headset options available, instead of a gooseneck microphone
  3. SC-300MHS Same as SC-300 but with wireless headset included.
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