Product Specification Sheet APS917

Rev. 08/2019

EPH2100-907 Elevator Emergency Phone (AlphaRefuge™ Series)

Panel Mounting Side (shown) 

Rear Programming Side (shown) 

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The Elevator Emergency Phone(s) shall be Alpha Communications® EPH2100-907 AlphaRefuge™ Series, or approved equal.

The EPH2100-907 shall mount behind the elevator cab control panel and shall interface with the elevator emergency-call controls. Elevator cab supplier shall furnish the compatible momentary Call pushbutton.

The EPH2100-907 shall meet all requirements of ADA, ASME A17 and B44 Codes for elevator emergency phones.

The EPH2100-907 shall be powered from a separate system power source and contain a built-in battery back up circuitry to allow up to 4 hours of Talk time, in the event of a power failure.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

EPH2100-907 Elevator Emergency Phone (AlphaRefuge™ Series)

  • ADA compliant speaker phones (Meets all requirements of ADA, ASME A17 and B44 Codes for elevator emergency phones)
  • Designed for 120VAC or 24VAC/DC power
  • Requires analog telephone line either POTS, PBX or central office phone lines. If used on a VoIP system, you must purchase a model# ABL-VOIP VoIP Interface Device. If you have one from the VoIP provider, have them program it with a standard WINK or disconnect signal per FCC and CRTC requirements
  • External power drives built-in phone consolidator and line detection compliance
  • Phone Line Detection Compliant ( Phone is field programmable to check for an active phone line every 10 minutes up to 23 hours. If an active line is not detected it will activate the Alarm Relay on our phone board. If equipped with our Auxiliary Relay board you can sync Relay 2 to activate at the same time as the Alarm Relay to trigger another device. Use with our Alarm & Junction Board or with the EPH-ALARM board. They are simple to install and require 12 or 24VAC/DC power
  • Optional computer modem operation: Allows you to call into the elevator controller to run diagnostics utilizing a single phone line. Must specify this option at time of order. Will not interfere with emergency communications
  • Optional Annunciator Interface. Allows your annunciator to use our phone speaker for audio outputs, saves money on extra grill work and additional speaker. Will not interfere with emergency communications
  • Built-in 10 phone consolidator feature allows you to install 10 EPH2100-907 units on a single telephone line without any additional equipment
  • Programmable with up to 5 emergency telephone numbers
  • Optional 2 button / 2 number capability
  • Location Message (18 second recordable message) with Human Voice Recognition
  • Fully programmable timer feature can be set from 1 to 999 minutes. Will prompt called party to extend the call
  • On-site or remote programming
  • Pictorial keypad
  • Remote or on-site diagnostic test
  • Built-in battery backup recharges from 120v or 24v power (Allows for a minimum of 4 hours of Talk time upon loss of power)
  • Compatible with RCC2500 series AlphaRefuge™ Command Centers for in-building rescue coordination
  • Temperature range -40F to +150F (-40C to +65C)
  • Automatic dialer (31 digit programmable memory)
  • Programming error indicator
  • Fully automated operation. No special codes or procedures to remember
  • Automatic answer feature
  • Audible ring
  • LED: 2VDC, 1/3 watt (Solid lit when dialing, Flashes when answered)
  • Touch Tone operation only (Touch Tone is an AT&T registered trademark)
  • Loop current: (48V=23.89mA & 24V=24.32mA)
  • On hook telephone line voltage: 24V-48V (Off hook: 48V=3.55V & 24V=3.59V). (Most standard telephone lines are 48V & many switchboard/PBX lines are 24V)
  • Ringer equivalent number (REN): .5B
  • FCC Part 68 registered
  • Made in USA

4.50"W (115mm) x 5.35"H (361mm) x 2.00"D (51mm) total depth

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