Product Specification Sheet APS915

Rev. 08/2014

4800V Remote Call Station with Intercom (St. Steel)

4800V (Flush Mount)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Remote Call Station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Cornell 4800V (flush mount) or approved equal. Station(s) shall provide a call-placed indicator, a large momentary 1.5" Red Mushroom Head call pushbutton and call received/audio-on LED indicator. 

All components of the station shall be mounted on a durable satin finish Stainless Steel faceplate. The 4800V shall flush mount over a 4" Masonry Box (Raco model# 696 or equal). When used with the 4800 series system, contractor shall furnish and install a model RSN7049 self-stick instructional sign, adjacent to each 4800V remote call station.

The 4800V shall be wired using standard Cat5e cabling (with RJ45 connector) and shall contain a built-in Form 'C' relay for remote signaling when a call is placed.

Contractor shall observe all local and national building and electrical (and A.D.A.) codes.

4800V Remote Call Station with Intercom (St. Steel)

The 4800V Digital Area of Rescue/Refuge Assistance Call Station will initiate a call at the Control Panel(s) when button is pressed. When not answered on site after a pre-programmed time has elapsed, the Main Panel will call off site to an emergency phone number of your choice.

The 4800 series system can support a total of 255 Call Stations. The The 4800V Station will initiate an alarm at the  Control Panel(s) when the button is pressed.

As an option,  The 4800V Call Station provides an auxiliary set of momentary Form 'C' contacts that can be used to activate external devices, such as a camera, strobe, or tone device. Please refer to the installation manual for more information on this option.

Each 4800V Call Station should be mounted in a 4" Masonry Box, Raco model# 696 or equivalent, in a controlled indoor environment. The Call Stations connect to a Control Panel or Expansion Switch using an RJ45 connector and Cat5e cable.

  • Large momentary 1.5" diameter Red Mushroom Head Pushbutton
  • Call-received and Audio-on LED indicator
  • Auxiliary Form 'C' contacts
  • Convenient Cat5e cabling
  • Sensitive speaker/microphone
  • Attractive and durable satin finish Stainless Steel faceplate

Height: 4.50" (115mm); Width: 4.50" (115mm)
Power Req.
24VDC (from system power supply)
Durable satin finish Stainless Steel faceplate
Large momentary 1.5" diameter Red Mushroom Head Pushbutton
Operating Temp:
50-120F Indoor Non-condensing
4" Masonry Box (Raco #696 or equivalent)
Cat5e cable, standard straight-thru, TIA/EIA 568A or TIA/EIA 568B.2

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