Product Specification Sheet APS901

Rev. 07/2014

RCB2100R Refuge Call Box (AlphaRefuge™ 2100 Series)

Model RCB2100RD or

RCB2100RR (shown) 

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The AlphaRefuge™ 2100 Series system Refuge Call Box(es) shall be Alpha Communications® RCB2100R series, or approved equal.

The Refuge Call Box(es) shall be Surface Mount type and shall be finished in #16AWG steel with a matching surface backbox/housing in a powder coated Red finish. The Refuge Call Box(es) shall contain a built-in battery back-up and charger circuitry and shall be programmable with an outgoing voice message. The Refuge Call Box(es) shall be capable of dialing up to five (5) remote phone numbers and shall contain a built-in heavy-duty metal call button and Red call placed / call answered LED.

The Refuge Call Box(es), shall be IBC, NFPA and ADAAG code compliant.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

RCB2100R Refuge Call Box (AlphaRefugeâ„¢ 2100 Series)

The Alpha Communications® RCB2100R Series Refuge Call Boxes are used with the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 Series Area of Refuge system, and are Surface Mount type.

The PWR2410A can provide power for the RCB2100R series Refuge Call Boxes, which operate on 24VDC 'remote' power (suffix-R). The PWR2410A is not needed when the RCB2100R series Refuge Call Boxes are powered by 'direct' 120VAC power (suffix-D).

The RCB2100R Series Refuge Call Boxes come standard with a built-in heavy-duty metal call button, and are available with an optional mushroom head call button (add Suffix- M).

The RCB2100R Series Refuge Call Boxes come standard with a built-in back-up battery and charging circuitry and feature a Red call placed / call answered LED.

Only one (1) PWR2410A power supply is needed per system.

  • #16AWG Steel Faceplate with matching back box in powder coated Red finish
  • Fully Automated Operation
  • Location Identification Message
  • Five (5) Number Dialing Capability
  • On-site or Remote Programming
  • Built-in Consolidator Feature
  • Phone Line Monitoring / Relay Alarm
  • Heavy-duty Metal Call Button
  • Call Placed / Call Answered LED
  • IBC, NFPA, ADAAG Code Compliant
  • Braille Label
  • Built-in Battery Back-up and Charging Circuitry
  • Options (at extra cost) include Strobe & Interface Relay, Stainless Steel finish, Mushroom Head call button (add suffix-M) and built-in security pinhole camera
  • Made in USA

4.75"W (121mm) x 7.25"H (185mm) x 1.875"D (48mm)

Surface Enclosure: Matching Steel in Powder Coated Red finish
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