Product Specification Sheet APS895

Rev. 08/2015

CPL Series alphaBlueLight™ 3-Foot 120VAC Emergency Call Stations

Shown in Standard White Finish
(with 1 call button)


Shown in Stainless Steel Finish
(with 1 call button)


Some Other Optional Color Choices

Shown For Color Choices Only
Solar panels & other accessories not shown

(9' tower models shown for colors only) 

CPL Series alphaBlueLightâ„¢ 3-Foot 120VAC Emergency Call Stations

The Alpha Communications® alphaBlueLight™ CPL Series 3-Foot Call Stations are an ideal solution for walkways, hiking trails, parks, open areas, college campuses, parking facilities, shopping malls, healthcare facilities and corporate campuses. 

At 3™ tall, these stations are a crime deterrent and create a sense of security. The station can serve multiple purposes by providing people with an emergency phone and security professionals with visual and audio capabilities in the area. Optional camera and mass notification options are available to enhance the safety of your facilities, your staff, your residents and guests.

These stations are designed to surface mount right on a finished wall surface, however if pole mounting is required, please add the optional model# ABLPMBCS (aluminum) or ABLPMBCSSS (st. steel) pole mounting bracket, depending on call station model(s) selected.

All CPL Series Call Stations are designed to be powered by standard 120VAC line power, and the phone shall be connected to a conventional analog (POTS) telephone line.

  • ADA Compliant
  • Clear 2-Way Voice Communication
  • One or Two button speaker phone models available
  • Calls up to 5 phone numbers
  • Remote or onsite programmable
  • Location message
  • EMERGENCY reflective blue label on three (3) sides
  • Weather and Vandal resistant powder coated, rust resistant aluminum that is manufactured with a weather and corrosion resistant finish.
  • Recessed LED illuminated faceplate
  • LED indicating call status
  • Works with optional AlphaEntry® central monitoring station software
  • Dimensions 3™ H x 10.375 W x 8.00 D
  • Surface wall mount or optional pole mounting (using optional pole mounting bracket)
  • 30 lbs. overall weight (for standard White finish models). St. Steel models typically weigh approx. 46 lbs.

1-Emergency Call button with Blue Strobe. White Finish.


1-Emergency Call button with Blue Strobe. St. Steel Finish.


1-Emergency Call button with Blue Strobe and Beacon. White Finish.


1-Emergency Call button with Blue Strobe and Beacon. St. Steel Finish.


2-Emergency Call buttons with Blue Strobe and Beacon. St. Steel Finish.

NOTE: All CPL models shown are powered by 120VAC and are finished in White powder coat paint with Blue lettering and graphics. Models with the suffix "SS" are finished in optional St. Steel.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

1.0 General Description

1.1 The Alpha Communications® CPL Series Emergency Phone Station shall be rectangular in appearance and made of a powder coated aluminum construction. The Call Station shall stand 36 high and be capable of being wall or optionally pole mounted. The words EMERGENCY TELEPHONE with bright reflective lettering shall be located on the front and the words EMERGENCY on the sides. The phone shall be compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and be powered by 120VAC line power.

1.2 The Emergency communication component shall comply with the American with Disabilities Act. The Phone shall have the ability to be programmed with up to 5 emergency phone numbers. Upon activation of the emergency push button; a call will be automatically placed, the strobe shall instantaneously flash and any ancillary devices tied into the Phone will be activated until the call has been disconnected by the called party.

2.0 Construction

2.1 The Emergency Call Station shall be constructed of powder coated, rust resistant aluminum that is manufactured with a weather and corrosion resistant finish.

2.2 Stainless steel shall be an available option. The Stainless Emergency Call Station shall be constructed in 14 gauge, 304 Stainless Steel, with a B4 Brushed Finish and seam welded on the front to a class one workmanship standard.

2.3 The Emergency Call Station is to be 36 high, 10.375 wide and 8.0 deep with all components of its construction to be vandal resistant.

2.4 The Emergency Phone plate shall be made of 12 gauge Stainless Steel and is 11.25 inches high and 8.25 inches wide.

2.5 The Emergency Phone button shall be located on the Call Station and is to be located no more than 48 above ground level to ensure conformance with the ADA requirements.

2.6 The Call Station must have a Braille faceplate stating ˜EMERGENCY PHONE™ ˜PUSH FOR HELP™ to ensure conformance with ADA requirements.

2.7 The strobe shall be mounted within overall construction of unit enclosed behind a Lexan window. Strobe will come fully assembled.

2.8 Phone electronics and most electrical connections must be housed in a NEMA 4 enclosure within the Emergency Call Station.

3.0 Mounting

3.1 The Emergency Call Station is to be mounted on a flat wall surface or on a pole (using optional Alpha Communications® model ABLPMBCS aluminum pole mounting bracket). When pole mounting a St. Steel model Call Station contractor shall use the model ABLPMBCSSS St. Steel pole mounting bracket.

4.0 Electrical

4.1  Electrical connections are to be made inside a NEMA 4 enclosure or with waterproof wire nuts provided by Alpha Communications®. 

4.2 The Emergency Call Station shall come equipped with a transformer to step down from 120vac to 12vac. It must also be available with 277vac or 480vac transformers (optional extra). 

4.3 All internal operating electronics shall be 12vac. 

5.0 Lights

5.1 The 12v Strobe light shall be located within the Emergency Call Station. The strobe shall be activated upon pushing of the emergency phone button.

5.2 Single Element Strobe light flashes when phone is activated.

5.3 The 12v Dual Element Strobe light is constantly on and Strobe flashes when phone is activated. If optional photocell is selected, unit must turn constant light on at dusk and off at dawn.

6.0 Communications

6.1 The unit shall have an ADA compliant and vandal resistant speaker phone.

6.2 The Phone shall activate with one push of the button. Once the button has been pushed, the phone will call programmed emergency numbers and two-way communication will open up. The Phone must be capable of being programmed with up to (5) emergency numbers.

6.3 The phone shall have Location Message capability. The phone must have a minimum 18 second recordable message capability, programmable to play once, twice, or continuously until the * key is pressed by the called party.

6.4 The phone shall be capable of allowing the called party to replay the location message (Location Message feature) if necessary to ensure an understanding of the location of phone station.

6.5 Once the call has been made (button pushed), the call can only be terminated by the called party.

6.6 The phone plate must have a red LED that will light up upon push of the button. The light shall be a solid color when the phone is activated, and will flash when call has been answered.

6.7 The speakerphone must be capable of being programmed and reprogrammed on-site and remotely.

6.8 The phone must have a built in phone line consolidator feature. Phones must be capable of sharing phone lines with up to 10 Alpha Communications® Phones if required by end user to reduce operational cost.

6.9 Line powered phones and Dip Switch programming are not acceptable. 

6.10 Standard Landline (POTS) Phone features:

  • Programmable with up to five (5) emergency phone numbers
  • Weather Resistant speaker
  • Weather Resistant microphone
  • Operating Temperature of between -40 deg. F to +150 deg. F (-40 deg. to + 65 deg.C)
  • Programmable passwords
  • On-Site or Remote Programmable
  • EEPROM memory to protect programming
  • Adjustable speaker and microphones levels
  • Programmable location message with human voice recognition
  • Programmable conversation time
  • 2 Button “ 2 Number capability (depending on model)
  • Remote and on-site diagnostic testing
  • Ability to control additional accessories (cameras, speakers, etc.)

7.0 Finish

7.1 Unit shall be powder coated white with a weatherproof and corrosion resistant finish. End user must be capable of requesting custom colors (at additional cost).

7.2 Unit must be UV resistant.

7.3 Stainless Steel shall be offered as an extra-cost option. 

8.0 Graphics

8.1 All wording shall be made of highly reflective vinyl lettering.

8.2 The Standard text like EMERGENCY shall be Blue and custom colors shall be an extra-cost option.

9.0 Extra Cost Options

9.1 There shall be custom paint options for the Emergency Phone Station.

9.2 Both remote Dome cameras and ˜pinhole™ camera options must be available from manufacturer.

9.3 System must allow for custom school or company logos on the Call Station similar to how the words Emergency is affixed.

9.4 Strobes must also be available in custom colors.

9.5 Wireless communication options must be available via analog, cellular, 900Mhz, WIFI VoIP, and two-way radio features.

9.6 Call Station must be available with optional VoIP connectivity.

10.0 Limited Warranty

10.1 The unit shall be warranted for a period of two years. See manufacturer's complete warranty information for more details.

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