Product Specification Sheet APS893

Rev. 05/2014

KIFS-O-17H Free-Standing Outdoor Kiosk with 17" Touchscreen

Shown with AlphaEntry™ Software Installed

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 17.0" touchscreen free-standing outdoor kiosk(s) shall be Alpha Communications® AlphaEntry™ model KIFS-O-17H or approved equal. The KIFS-O-17H shall include Genuine Windows® 7 Pro (32 bit) OS with an Intel® Atom® Processor. The kiosk unit shall feature a 160GB SATA hard disk drive, 2.0GB DDR2/3 industrial grade memory, and integrated audio amplified speaker. Kiosk shall be finished in the standard powder coat (or optional extra cost finish as directed by the building owner or architect/designer) and shall be made of a rugged aluminum housing.  Kiosk shall be vandal-resistant and dust/water resistant in a NEMA 4x IP65 rated enclosure, and shall include a Solid State heating/cooling system with temp controller. Kiosk shall feature an IR Multi-Touch Sunlight Immunity Touch Sensor. Kiosk shall include an integrated base for mounting to concrete.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

KIFS-O-17H Free-Standing Outdoor Kiosk with 17" Touchscreen

The Alpha Communications® KIFS-O-17H 17" touchscreen free-standing outdoor kiosks are used primarily with the AlphaEntry™ software to act as an Entry Master (or Lobby) Station for calling to and from remote communication devices, but can also be used for other system and software applications.

The KIFS-O-17H is an all-in-one unit that fits both the small form factor PC and touchscreen monitor into a stunning, space-saving, yet rugged design. A large 17.0" touchscreen makes it ideal for displaying a large amount of data onscreen.

  • Genuine Windows® 7 Pro (32 bit) OS with Intel® Atom® 1.6Ghz processor
  • IR Multi-Touch Sunlight Immunity Touch Sensor
  • 2GB DDR2/3 Industrial Grade Memory
  • 160GB SATA Hard Disk Drive
  • Vandal-resistant and Dust/Water-resistant sealed NEMA 4x IP 65 rated enclosure
  • Integrated 17.0" (measured diagonally) outdoor Sunlight Bright touchscreen optically bonded (resolution 1280 x 1024) 1200 NIT
  • Integrated Audio Amplified Speaker
  • Operates on 110V electrical current
  • Integrated Solid State Heating/Cooling System with temp controller
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing with vandal-resistant powder coated Silver finish
  • Operating Temp.: -40°C to 57°C (-40°F to 134°F)
Approximate Outside Dimensions

Width: 19.75" (502mm)

Height: 60.00" (1524mm)

Depth: 12.00"d (305mm)

Typical Shipping Weight: 160.0 lbs. (including crate)

NOTE: Depending on all options included, sizing and shipping weights and dimensions may vary.

NOTE: Kiosk should be installed facing North or South and NOT East or West!

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