Product Specification Sheet APS891

Rev. 05/2014

MRPH-2300-630SM Machine Room Telephone


Machine Room Telephone

(shown with optional wording on handset) 

MRPH-2300-630SM Machine Room Telephone

The Alpha Communications® MRPH-2300-630SM Machine Room Telephones are designed to work with the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 series Area of refuge systems as well as related elevator type communications systems.

  • Perfect for the machine room only when used with the AlphaRefuge™ 2100 series or the elevator type remote stations
  • Wiring: Requires a 4-wire (2-pair) connection back to the Refuge Command Center (RCC) or Master Station
  • Powered from the Refuge Command Center (RCC) or Master Station
  • Can communicate with any elevator phone and the Refuge Command Center (RCC)  or Master Station
  • Lift handset and dial number of the elevator you want to communicate with, when conversation is over return handset to cradle to disconnect call
  • Includes Instructional placard, to be mounted with Machine Room Phone that allows for notation of all elevators in system
  • Includes audible and visual indication of incoming call
  • Meets ADA requirements for volume control handset
  • Ringer equivalent number (REN): 1.2B
  • FCC Part 68 Registered
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Surface Wall Mounted
  • Standard Red color - optional wording
Applicable Codes

ASME A17.1 Code:

Where the elevator travel is 18m (60ft) or more, two-way voice communication means within the building shall be provided and comply with the following:

a) The means shall enable emergency personnel within the building to establish two-way voice communication to each car individually. Two-way voice communications shall be established without any intentional delay and shall not require intervention by a person within the car

b) Two-way voice communications, once established, shall be disconnected only when emergency personnel outside the car terminate the call

Canada B44 & 2.3.2 Code: 

Where travel exceeds 18m verify conformance and operation of requirements a-d:

a) An on-site building communications station must be provided to initiate two-way voice communication into each elevator individually without delay and must not require intervention from persons in the car

b) The initiating of communication via the on-site building station location, shall override any communications underway between the car and any communications to outside the building

c) A visual signal shall acknowledge the establishment of this communications link and extinguish when the link is terminated. Only communication stations other than the in-car station, can terminate an established communications link

d) Instructions for operation of the two-way voice communication system shall be provided at the on-site building communication station

An on-site communication station shall be provided and its location shall be accessible to authorized and emergency personnel as required by A locked building manager's office or machine room is not an accessible location.

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