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Rev. 05/2018

VK237 Series 2-Wire Color Video Intercom Kit


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DL237 DoorLINQ™ Adapter
VK237WS 2-Wire Color Video Intercom Kit

The Alpha Communications® VK237WS 2-Wire Color Video Intercom Kit is our most economical master/remote video intercom for door entry or any other application requiring a single master and a single remote intercom station, with expand-ability for a 2nd outdoor remote camera station and up to 3 indoor (7") monitors.

These attractive monitors are conveniently surface mounted right on the wall, using a provided wall mounting bracket. A small power supply connects to standard 120VAC/60Hz. electrical power, and provides power for the electronic chime, video monitor/camera and intercom. 

The video monitor features a crystal clear 7.0" (measured diagonally) flat screen Color monitor, electronic tone signaling and a momentary door release switch. The monitor also features a front-mounted 'ON' button to turn the monitor on without being called from an entrance door station.

The compact door camera/intercom station is fully surface mounted and includes a built-in Color camera, infrared illuminators, and a momentary call button with nameholder. Door station is IP55 rated and features a silver metallic faceplate.

Now, you can even make your VK237 system more powerful with the addition of the low-cost model DL237 DoorLINQ™ smart phone adapter. The DL237 allows the VK237 system to connect to Android and/or iPhone smart phones and/or tablets, and allow the user to see, speak and release the door relay remotely, using a no-cost app.

  • 7-Inch (diagonal) Crystal Clear Color Display with Soft-Touch controls
  • Low Profile Surface Mounting - Less than 1" from mounting surface
  • Requires only 2-Wires for Intercom and Electronic Chime from Remote
  • Clear 2-way Half-Duplex Audio Communication
  • Expandable up to 2 Outdoor Remote Camera Stations. (only primary door camera can be viewed without receiving a call first)
  • Expandable up to 3 Indoor Monitor Stations (or 2 when using optional DL237 DoorLINQ™ adapter)
  • Surface Mount Stations (no backboxes required) 
  • Built-in Electronic Tone Signal
  • Built-in Momentary Electric Door Release Push-button
  • Built-in LED illuminators for night viewing of Door Camera Station
  • Modern Styling
  • Comes with 18VDC plug-in power supply (model SS237)
  • Ability to view, speak and activate door release relay remotely by smart phone or tablet using the optional model DL237 DoorLINQ™ adapter
VM237W Monitor:
9.45"W X 6.35"H X .95"D (240mm W x 161mm H x 24mm D)
Surface Mount depth less than one inch from mounting surface

VR237S Remote:

3.60"W X 4.95"H X 1.65"D (91mm W x 126mm H x 42mm D)

Temperature Range: -13°F to 149°F (-25°C to 65°C)

DL237 Adapter:
6.30"W X 3.95"H X 0.90"D (161mm W x 101mm H x 23mm D)

PK407A Specialty door release relay for connections to magnetic door locks, or reverse-action door openers.
White Desk adapter for VM237W (White) or VM237B (Black) inside monitor station.
DL237 Smart phone/tablet adapter for VK237 system. One (1) needed per system, and takes the pace of an inside monitor when added to system.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The video-intercom kit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® VK237WS or approved equal. Monitor shall be surface mounted using the provided mounting bracket. Monitor shall include a high quality 7.0" flat Color screen, in White finish. Monitors using mirrors or other non-flat type screens shall not be acceptable. Monitor shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional half-duplex voice fidelity. Monitor shall include a door release (soft touch) button. Power supply shall connect to standard 120VAC/60Hz. electrical power, and shall provide the power for the electronic chime, video monitor and camera, and intercom. Monitor shall be finished in White plastic.

The door remote station shall be surface mount type and shall include a Color camera, infrared illuminators and momentary call button with name holder. Unit shall be IP55 rated, and faceplate shall be finished in silver metallic finish.

OPTIONAL - Contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model DL237 DoorLINQ™ smart phone/tablet adapter to the system, to allow connection to Android and/or iOS devices.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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