Product Specification Sheet APS888

Rev. 07/2017

BE006A 24VDC Mini Buzzer

BE006A Top View and Bottom Views
Architects' & Engineers' Specifications

The 24VDC Mini Buzzers shall be Alpha Communications® BE006A or equivalent. 

Buzzers shall produce 85dB sound pressure and shall draw 30mA current, and shall produce a 400 Hz (+/- 50 Hz) continuous tone.

Buzzers shall connect by two (2) solder pins marked for (-) and (+) polarized power.

Buzzers shall be protected by a Black (or Grey depending on batch) ABS plastic case. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

BE006A 24VDC Mini Buzzer

The Alpha Communications® BE006A 24VDC Mini Buzzers are used primarily with the CDL101B, CDL101T, LI381B and LI381T Corridor Dome Lights and the AlphaLINQ™ 100 series, AlphaEcall™ 100 or 200 series, NC110A and NC110N series nurse-call master stations, as well as the AlphaTeller™ systems.

Because of their incredible flexibility and compact size, these buzzers can be used for hundreds of stand-alone applications where a 24VDC mini buzzer is required.

The low current draw makes the BE006A perfect for many specialty applications. 

Length: 0.89" (23mm) Width: 0.66" (17mm) Depth: 0.60" (16mm) from mounting surface
Connections 2- Solder Pins (Through Hole)
Sound Pressure Level 85 dB
Tone:  Continuous
Frequency:  400 Hz +/- 50 Hz
Voltage Rating 24 VDC
Current Rating
30 mA
Wiring Requirements
See individual system wiring diagram for more complete wiring information.
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