Product Specification Sheet APS872

Rev. 01/2014

SW-RFMV3.0 Alpha RF Messenger v3 System Software

SW-RFMV3.0 RF Messenger Software

as part of a complete RF Messenger system

  • Alphanumeric messages up to 80 characters
  • Paging range: up to one mile maximum (line of sight)
  • Can be used with any number of PGR-AL924 pocket pagers
  • Pager Alert Types: alphanumeric, tone and vibrate
  • Memo page features allows up to 300 alphanumeric memos to be sent to specific pagers at user specified times or user specified days of the week (or on a specified date)
SW-RFMV3.0 Alpha RF Messenger v3 System Software

RF Messenger from Alpha Communications® is a wireless pocket paging system designed to send alphanumeric messages from a personal computer to specific personnel using the PGR-AL924 pocket pagers .

A complete RF Messenger system consists of the SW-FRMV3.0 computer software, data cables and related equipment, a paging transmitter, and any number of pagers. The paging transmitter receives messages typed on a personal computer via a serial (or USB) port. The transmitter then instantly sends the message to a specific person carrying a pocket pager.

There are no monthly service charges for paging since you own the transmitter and pager(s). Note: It is possible to configure the system to send messages to groups of people. Sending a message to a specific person is as easy as clicking on that person's name with your mouse, typing the message (up to 80 characters) then clicking on the SEND button. Since RF Messenger runs in Windows, it may be left open while other applications are run and be activated instantly when needed.

RF Messenger is a suitable messaging system for work environments where people are moving around and may not be able to hear the building's overhead voice paging system. The pocket pagers have a vibrate mode which enables the message recipient to feel that a message has been received. The vibrate mode is also useful for silently delivering messages to personnel without disturbing others. A UHF antenna is included (attaches directly to the transmitter). The Memo Page feature allows up to 300 alphanumeric memos to be sent to specific pocket pagers at user specified times on user specified days of the week (or on a specified date). This feature can be used to remind nursing staff to administer medication to patients. Memo can include type and dosage information. RF Messenger can be used alone or used i conjunction with many other Alpha Communications® pocket paging systems. There are versions available for individual PC's and for LAN's.

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