Product Specification Sheet APS871

Rev. 01/2014

SW-ALSTATIFY1 AlphaStatify™ v1 System Software


Shown with Activation Dongle


  • Works with virtually any number of Windows® based PCs
  • Customizable display colors, sounds and fonts and shapes
  • Works over a wired or wireless LAN or even over the Internet
  • Zone capable - zone each display to show what you want
  • Works with virtually any size large flat screen displays
  • Expandable
  • Requires no additional wiring, hardware or power supplies
  • Works with standard or touchscreen type Windows® PCs
SW-ALSTATIFY1 AlphaStatifyâ„¢ v1 System Software

The Alpha Communications® SW-ALSTATIFY1 v1 AlphaStatify™ software is used for a variety of visual and audible status notification applications.

This AlphaStatify™ software can be used on virtually any network of Windows® based PCs, to activate and display a visual (and audible) indication of a status change on all of the PC screens and can also be used with virtually any size large flat-screen displays.

Typical applications for AlphaStatify™ include dental or medical offices, bank or motor vehicle queuing systems, bingo halls, and other similar applications where there would be one or more very large displays that need to be updated by one or more PC's sunning the AlphaStatify™ software.

By using the AlphaStatify™ software  instead of systems requiring logic circuits, power supplies, relays, controllers, multi-way switches, LED displays, etc. you can do all of this status notification over a simple wired or wireless LAN, or even over the Internet.

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