Product Specification Sheet APS869

Rev. 12/2013

MLS-485 Series Network Controllers

MLS-485 Front View
MLS-485 Side View
MLS-485 Series Network Controllers

The Alpha Communications® MLS-485 series Network Controllers allow up to 31 RS-232 serial ports (transmit only) to be connected to a receiver RS-232 port. In addition, MLS-485's eliminate RS-232 distance limitations. Ports may be located up to 4000' apart. Normally, an RS-232 peripheral device must be located in close proximity to the host device.

MLS-485's prevent serial ports from attempting to communicate simultaneously. Flow control is accomplished using the RS-232 CTS (Clear To Send) handshaking signal. Data is converted to RS-485 format for transmission. This allows data to be sent over long distances while maintining a high level of noise immunity.

MLS-485's are connected together to form a network using simple, inexpensive wiring. Two (2) pair, #2AWG connects all MLS-485's together.

MLS-485's are packaged in Black, medium impact ABS plastic enclosures.


Wire Termination: Screw Terminals (4)
Data input/output:
6P-6C modular RJ-11
Wiring between MLS-485's:
One (1) #22AWG twisted pair, one (1) #22AWG power pair
Power Supply for MLS-485:
9-24 VDC, 30mA
Dimensions: 4.50" L x 2.75" W x 1.50" H
Weight: 0.25 Lbs.
Maximum RS-232 baud rate: 57600 bits/sec
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