Product Specification Sheet APS866

Rev. 11/2013

RP-44WH Wall Locking Push Button Station - 1 Gang - White Plastic


(shown with Push Button Depressed)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The push button station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® RP-44WH, or approved equal and shall include a locking (round) low voltage DPST push button switch. The switch shall show a Black color when not depressed (unlocked) and shall mechanically turn a Red color when depressed (locked).

The station shall be mounted into a standard single gang electrical box (or ring). Three (3) pigtail wires shall be provided for connections. Faceplate shall be White plastic (with mounting screws provided). 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

RP-44WH Wall Locking Push Button Station - 1 Gang - White Plastic

The Alpha Communications® model RP-44WH push button station includes a locking (round) low voltage DPST push button switch. The unique push button switch used on the RP-44WH shows as Black when not depressed, but mechanically turns a Red color when depressed (in locked position). This enables status indication without the need for additional wiring or electrical power. Simply depress the push button switch again, restoring the switch to its Black color (non-locking position).

The RP-44WH can be used as an indoor contact device or push button for a variety of systems, requiring either a N/O or N/C type of dry contact. The RP-44WH features a White Plastic face plate, and mounts on a single gang electric box or plaster ring. 

When required the RP-44WH stations can be made with custom markings such as 'Press to Call', or 'Press to Check-in', etc. When any custom markings are required add the prefix 'X' to the model number, making the custom station a model XRP-44WH (at additional cost).

  • White Plastic Faceplate
  • Locking (round) low voltage DPST pushbutton switch for N/O or N/C dry contact

Height: 4.50" (114mm)
Width: 2.75" (69mm)
Depth: 1.50" (38mm)
Projects: 0.50" (13mm) from mounting surface

Steel City #52171 box with Steel City #52C14 plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model IH358 box with IH357 ring, or EXACT EQUAL. Vertical mount.
White plastic faceplate
Three (3) pigtail wire connectors

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