Product Specification Sheet APS864

Rev. 05/2019

VI644S V.I.P.™ Series Stainless Steel Economy Style Lobby Panels

6 Button Surface Panel (shown)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The entry panel unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® VI644S V.I.P.™ series, or approved equal. Panel(s) shall be surface mount type. Panel(s) shall include a 45-ohm mylar loudspeaker. Panel(s) shall have solid-metal push-buttons, matching stainless steel resident name holder slots, and mesh speaker grille to protect the speaker components. Panel shall be made of a single sheet of 16 gauge high carbon stainless steel.

Surface VI644S panels shall be made with 1.375" (35mm) side return bends and open in the back. A 'Star' head screwdriver tip shall be provided with each panel for installation / removal and maintenance of the name holders.
VI644S V.I.P.™ Series Economy Stainless Steel Lobby Panels

The Alpha Communications® VI644S V.I.P.™ series surface mount Stainless Steel (Vandal-Resistant) lobby panels are rugged, good-looking panels for indoor or outdoor use, and are our lowest cost Stainless Steel panels, with matching stainless steel name holders, made in stock configurations, for 2 to 12 push buttons. 

Made of heavy 16 gauge high-carbon stainless steel, the VI644S series is made to take abuse. VI644S panels are made in 'stock' sizes, and are available in several surface mount styles. These surface VI644S panels are made with 1.375" (35mm) side return bends and are open in the back

All VI644S panels feature solid metal push-buttons and matching stainless steel resident name holder slots. The use of 'Star' head screws makes it nearly impossible to tamper with the panel without the use of the special screwdriver tool.

All VI644S surface panels are a compact 4.25" wide (108mm) and are available in 2,3,4,6,8,10 or 12 button versions. Models with 2 thru 8 push buttons are 13.00" high (331mm) and model with 10 or 12 buttons are 16.00" high (407mm). Because of the low-cost 'stock' nature of these panels, they are not available in custom sizes or configurations, with custom engraving, building name/address engraving or alphabetical directories. For custom configurations or special Stainless Steel panel requirements, we suggest our VI402 (custom) V.I.P.™ series panels.

  • Our LOWEST COST Stocked Surface Stainless Steel Panels!
  • Heavy 16 Gauge High-Carbon Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Solid Metal Pushbuttons with Permanent Engravings
  • Panels are available in several Surface Mount configurations
  • Rugged, Good-Looking and Vandal-Resistant
  • Works with a variety of apartment intercom stations
  • Tamper-Resistant 'Star' Head Screws Used


WIDTH: Surface; 4.25" (108mm).
HEIGHT: 2 thru 8 push buttons 13.00" (331mm), 10 or 12 push buttons 16.00"h (407mm).

Heavy 16 Gauge High-Carbon Stainless Steel faceplate.
Tool Required:
'Star' head screwdriver tip required for panel installation/removal, and name holder maintenance, included with each VI644 V.I.P.™ panel ordered.

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