Product Specification Sheet APS858

Rev. 11/2013

PEDH1414 Pedestal Housing Unit

PEDH1414 Pedestal Housing Unit
Dimensional Drawings
PEDH1414 Pedestal Housing Unit

The Alpha Communications® PEDH1414 Pedestal Housing Units are designed to be used with the PEDS042B and/or PEDD4272B (single or dual) gate pedestals, to mount a variety of intercom, video-intercom, telephone and access control equipment for a gated entrance.

  • Designed for Mounting readers, Intercom Stations, Board Cameras and more!
  • Lexan Polycarbonate 101 doesn't impede performance of RFID/Proximity Devices
  • Housing and Lid are injection molded Lexan Polycarbonate 103 - UV Stabilized
  • Unlike housings made of metal, these do not Rust, Dent or Require Painting
  • Integrated Hinge Design significantly increases unit integrity
  • Installer Friendly - use standard hand tools for mounting and cutting
  • Incredibly Durable - Tensile Strength 9,000 PSI (method = ASTM D 638)
  • Standard Lock Set Included (and Installed) with 2 keys per lock
  • Detachable Cover makes for incredibly easy installations
  • Housings are approx. 3.0 inches deep - ideal for containment of control boards, etc.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Models / Components Available

Model PEDH0707:

Pedestal Housing 7.0"h x 7.0"w x 4.0"d (178mm x 178mm x 102mm)

Model PEDH0713:

Pedestal Housing 7.0"h x 13.0"w x 4.0"d (178mm x 331mm x 102mm)
Model PEDH1414: Pedestal Housing 14.0"w x 14.0"h x 4.0"d (356mm x 356mm x 102mm)
Model PEDS042B:
Free Standing Single Pedestal with 42" height Flange for standard use.
Model PEDD4272B:
Free Standing Pedestal with 42" and 72" height Flanges for BOTH car and large truck use.

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