Product Specification Sheet APS852

Rev. 10/2013

IR150SSF Remote Rescue Station with Intercom (St. Steel)

IR150SSF (Flush Mount)
IR150SS/SF (Surface Mount)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Remote call station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR150SSF (flush mount) and/or IR150SS/SF (surface mount) or approved equal. Station(s) shall provide a call-placed indicator, a large low-profile Red momentary call push button, a cancel button and an audio-on indicator. The station(s) shall include a 3.50" round speaker/microphone with voice response. All components of the station shall be mounted on a durable brushed Stainless Steel faceplate. Positive screw terminals shall be used for electrical connections. The IR150SSF shall flush mount over a model OH600 back box (mounted horizontally). The IR150SS/SF shall surface mount right on the surface of the wall, without the need for a back box. When used with the NC150R series system, contractor shall furnish and install a model SN-C41 raised letter/Braille self-stick 'PUSH FOR HELP' sign, adjacent to each IR150SSF and/or IR150SS/SF remote call station.

Contractor shall observe all local and national building and electrical (and A.D.A.) codes.

IR150SSF and IR150SS/SF Area of Rescue Remote Call Stations
The Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR150SSF (flush) and IR150SS/SF (surface) Remote Call Stations may be used to provide efficient communications to the NC150R (and/or NC150N) Area of Rescue Master Control Station(s).

IR150SSF and/or IR150SS/SF Remote Call Stations are located in areas of rescue assistance, to provide two-way hands-free communication to a central location from which help may be summoned. Calls are placed by pressing a large low-profile Red momentary pushbutton. Solid state indicators on the faceplate indicate when a call has been placed and when the intercom is in use.

  • Push button calling via large low-profile Red pushbutton
  • Call-placed indicator
  • Audio-on indicator
  • Reset button
  • Sensitive speaker/microphone
  • Attractive and durable Stainless Steel faceplate

Height: 5.00" (127mm); Width: 11.2" (285mm)
Depth: 2.00" (51mm) (flush box) Projects: 1.50" (38mm) above mounting surface
Depth: 2.00" (51mm) (surface bends) Projects: 1.50" (38mm) above faceplate surface
Durable Stainless Steel faceplate
Large, low-profile Red momentary
3.50" (89mm) with voice response
Positive screw terminals (6)
Flush mounting box (OH600horizontal mount - steel - for IR150SSF

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