Product Specification Sheet APS842

Rev. 07/2013

TE7210/LCD Surface Mount Telephone Entry Master Stations

TE7210/LCD (standard 'Dialer' type) & TE7210NP/LCD (No-Phone-Bill' type)

shown with TR904 Flush Trim Ring

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Alpha Communications® surface mount TE7210 Series Telephone Entry System is a complete automatic call and entry control system. The system operates on a standard dedicated telephone line and 110 VAC with 16 VAC transformer.

All faceplates shall be constructed of 16 gauge stainless steel and shall include a zinc die-cast marine quality keypad, speaker/microphone, postal release option, and an RJ Plug Connector. The TE7210 Series allows for 1-700 apartment capacity with 4/7/10/11 digit dialing capabilities of 1,2,3 or 4 digit codes. 

Both the TE7210/LCD and TE7210NP/LCD models shall include an integral 700 name capacity LCD electronic directory display, and require a separate PC for programming.

NOTE: See installation/use manual for certain restrictions when using the TE7210/LCD and/or TE7210NP/LCD unit(s) outdoors.

TE7210 Series Stainless Steel Telephone Entry Systems

Alpha Communications® Stainless Steel Faceplate Telephone Entry Systems are designed for easy operation and are available in models with a number capacity of 1 - 700 units (4/7/10/11 digits). Models available for standard 'dialer' type or 'no-phonebill type (with additional equipment). Both models are standard in an open-voice (loudspeaking) configuration.

  • Full-page Directory, 20 lines per page
  • Can be used with either rotary or touch-tone service
  • 26 characters per name field, 4 digits per code and 12 digits per phone number
  • Vandal/weather resistant construction (Stainless Steel)
  • Keyless entry code
  • Customized welcome message - Sorting by name or code
  • Built-in Weigand interface to card access system
  • Provision for Postal Service Lock included
  • Multiple entrance capability
  • One-Effort Programming on a Windows PC via RS-232 port (DB9) or USB adapter
  • Variable Tenant Code length 1,2,3 or 4 digits
  • Zinc Die-Cast Marine Quality user Keypad
  • Memory retention during power failure (EEPROM)
  • Superior Lightning and Transient protection


19.0"W x 13.0"H x 3.75"D (483mm x 331mm x 96mm)

Construction: 16 gauge stainless steel faceplate with Black painted enclosure and Rain Hood
Power Required:

110 VAC for SS106 Transformer(s)


Surface (standard) - may be Flush mounted with optional model TR904 Stainless Steel Flush Trim frame

Typical System Components


Telephone Entry Master (stainless steel with Black painted enclosure and rain hood with built-in 700 name directory display

TE7210NP/LCD: Same as TE7210/LCD Master but also includes the 'No Phone Bill' firmware required for that application (requires addi tional 'No Phone Bill' components) 

110 VAC Transformer. 1 required to power the TE7210/LCD or TE7210NP/LCD. A separate transformer is required to power the electric door strike.

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