Product Specification Sheet APS836

Rev. 10/2013

NH209TT-2 Amplifier/Power Supplies

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
NH209TT-2 (Shown without Housing)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The amplifier/power supply unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ model NH209TT-2 or equivalent. Power supply unit(s) shall operate from a U.L. Listed transformer (model T1240). All wiring to power supply/amplifier shall be low-voltage Class II wiring, installed as per all federal, state, and local electrical codes.

Power supply/amplifier shall be designed to mount directly into the 'TT' or 'TTM' series lobby entry panel stations. Power supply/amplifier shall contain the system amplifier, power supply, speaker and microphone, all in one 'snap-in' assembly. Unit shall snap onto the panel front speaker/microphone grille.

Power supply/amplifier shall provide the intercom amplification and signalling power for the proper system operation. Power supply/amplifier shall be installed a safe distance from any source of electrical interference.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

NH209TT-2 2-Wire Amplifier / Power Supplies

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ NH209TT-2 series amplifier/power supplies are used with the HT3009 and/or HT2009 series handset stations to provide intercom amplification and power to operate the associated intercom system, and certain optional components and/or accessories, such as electric door opener(s) etc. 

The NH209TT-2 powers from a 12VAC (40VA) low-voltage Class II transformer.

The NH209TT-2 power supplies are designed to easily mount right onto the plastic speaker/microphone grille in the 'TT' and 'TTM' series lobby entry intercom panels.

The PC boards are treated with a special chemical finish, to minimize the affects of weather and moisture on the electronic components.

  • Easily Installs Right Behind Lobby Entry Panel
  • Operates on Safe Low-Voltage Class II Wiring
  • Clear Voice Fidelity with Adjustable Voice Volume Control
  • Convenient Screw Terminal Connections
  • High quality Half-Duplex Voice Communications


2.375"W (61mm) x 5.25"H (134mm) x 1.50"D (39mm).

Volume: Built-In Adjustable Volume Control (potentiometer).

Positive Screw Terminal Connectors.

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