Product Specification Sheet APS799

Rev. 07/2013

RS101S Remote Sounder Tone Speakers

Shown with red Call-Placed light illuminated

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Remote tone sounder station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model RS101S or approved equal.

The RS101S stations shall include a built-in Tone Speaker mounted behind a rugged 2mm thick Natural Anodized Aluminum faceplate. The RS101S shall be also include an internal Red Tone Lamp and double-contact momentary Tone-Off pushbutton.

RS101S tone sounder stations shall provide remote audible and visual annunciator when used in conjunction with Alpha Communications® AlphaEcall™ 100 series annunciator and AC219 Control Unit, or similar system. 

The RS101S shall protrude from the finished wall surface a maximum of 1.3875" (35mm), and shall be only 3.25" wide (83mm).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

RS101S Remote Tone Sounder Station

The RS101S remote tone sounder stations provide for remote audible and visual annunciation when connected directly in parallel with an Alpha Communications® AlphaEcall™ 100 series annunciator and AC219 control unit, or CM800 or DS100 series annunciator and PK2019 / PK2019A control unit. The RS101S stations feature a momentary contact Tone-Off button for tone silencing. Depressing the Tone-Off button silences the tone at all sounding locations. When the emergency initiating device has been reset, the Tone-Off will automatically reset. The RS101S also includes a red Call-Placed light which will illuminate when an initial call is placed on the Alpha Communications® AlphaEcall™ 100 series system.

  • Easy installation - fully surface mount
  • Red Call-Placed light (concealed)
  • Pushbutton Tone-Off reset
  • Reliable and rugged 2mm thick Aluminum faceplate
  • Advanced design



Height: 6.875" (175mm)
Width: 3.25" (83mm)
Depth: 1.375" (35mm) at it's deepest point on the surface housing

Finish: Natural Anodized Aluminum faceplate
Controls: Individually replaceable push button with self-wiping double contacts
Indicator: 28 volt red light (concealed)
Tone Speaker: 50-ohms, Round (50mm)
Connections: Pigtails
Housing: Hi-impact plastic, surface mount housing included
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