Product Specification Sheet APS793

Rev. 11/2013

LI382LED 2 Color LED Corridor Zone Light

(shown with all sections lighted)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Corridor zone light(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model LI382LED or approved equal. The corridor light shall a translucent plastic lens mounted on a flame retardant (UL® 94HB) plastic base panel. The LI382LED shall provide four (4) LEDs, two (2) WHITE and two (2) RED, to differentiate between normal (routine) and emergency calls. The standard mounting base plate shall accommodate both one and two gang mounting options.

LI382LED shall be U.L. 1069 listed, when used with the corresponding U.L. 1069 nurse-call system.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

LI382LED 2-Color LED Corridor Zone Light

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone LI382LED 2-Color LED corridor zone light provides visual indication of calls when used with a nurse-call system, emergency-call system, or similar application. 

The LI382LED corridor zone light indicates an emergency call by the rapid flashing of the two (2) red LEDs associated with the zone or area from which an emergency call has been placed. Normal (routine) calls are indicated by a steady illumination of the two (2) white LEDs. If an emergency and normal (routine) call are placed at the same zone at the same time, the red LEDs connected to the emergency station will flash rapidly while the white LEDs associated with the normal (routine) call will maintain a steady illumination.

The standard mounting base plate features both one and two gang mounting options.

  • UL 1069 Listed
  • Long lasting LEDs - No bulb replacements
  • Plug-in connector supplied
  • Excellent visibility
  • Attractive flame-retardant plastic panel
Dome Light Specifications
Overall Dimensions:

Height: 4.80" (122mm)
Width: 5.00" (127mm)
Depth: 2.755" (70mm) from finished wall surface

Power: 24VDC

2VDC, 20mA

Mounting: Fits standard one or two gang electrical box with one or two gang plaster ring.

Base: FOG WHITE flame retardant (UL® 94HB) plastic. Lens: Flame retardant translucent polycarbonate plastic

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