Product Specification Sheet APS766

Rev. 11/2013

AP543 Adapter Plate for IS204 and IS543 Apartment Intercom Station

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The adapter plate(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model AP543 or approved equal and shall be large enough to cover the area occupied by the previous intercom unit. The adapter plate shall be made of heavy-duty molded hi-impact plastic in a White finish. The adapter plate(s) shall be punched or drilled by the installer to cover the existing back box. The IS204 or IS543 universal apartment intercom station shall be mounted onto the adapter plate(s). If required, contractor shall paint the adapter plate(s) to match the existing wall finish, using a non-peeling type plastic bonding paint.

AP543 Adapter Plates

The Alpha Communications® AP543 adapter plates are designed specifically to cover existing oversized apartment intercom back boxes and other existing wall openings, for mounting of the IS204 or IS543 apartment intercom station(s).

Once the adapter plate is affixed to the wall, you can install your IS204 or IS543 universal apartment intercom station directly onto the adapter plate, by simply pressing the station onto the front of the adapter plate.

The model AP543 features a large (center) opening for wire access and you can punch or drill any mounting holes you may need to allow the AP543 to mount to the existing flush back box. The AP543 does not come with any mounting holes provided. Installation is quick, easy, attractive and eliminates the need for plastering and painting over the existing hole. 

Custom-sized adapter plates are also available in aluminum, stainless steel, polished brass, or other painted finishes. Please send a detailed sketch to our sales dept., along with the quantity needed, for a prompt quotation.

  • Heavy-duty molded hi-impact plastic
  • Easy Installation
  • Decorator White Color
  • Rugged and Good-Looking
  • Large size neatly covers many existing wall openings
  • Works perfectly with the IS204 or IS543 universal apartment intercom stations

Width: 7.00" (178mm)
Height: 9.00" (229mm)
Depth: 0.50" (13mm) not including depth of the IS204 (or IS543) mounted on top of the AP543

Construction: Heavy-duty molded hi-impact plastic in decorator White color
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