Product Specification Sheet APS763

Rev. 10/2013

ES612 Apartment Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panels

Models ES612/07 and ES612/13 Shown
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The entrance panel(s) shall be Alpha Communications® ES612 series or approved equal, and shall provide for up to 13 pushbuttons per speaker panel. The panel shall include a weather-resistant 45 ohm mylar speaker mounted behind a Dark Brown flame retardant polycarbonate plastic grill. Push button switches shall be individually replaceable type with self wiping contacts and built-in name holders, protected by a snap-in polycarbonate cover.

The individual pushbutton switches can be illuminated for night viewing with the addition of the optional model# 10530 lamp insert, which requires separate 8VAC electrical power. 

The ES612 shall have mounting holes to flush mount to Alpha Communications® OH600 or OH601 flush backbox(es) or OH600S or OH601S surface backbox(es), depending on model(s) selected.

Each ES612 panel shall be made of 2mm thick solid aluminum in a natural anodized finish.

Contractor shall provide a model S1 screwdriver for panel maintenance and shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

ES612 Economy Series Apartment Intercom System Speaker Entrance Panel

The Alpha Communications® ES612 Series entrance panel is a compact style series for use with various types of loudspeaker type apartment/suite stations. They are our most popular economical entrance panel stations for flush or surface mounting, for up to 13 buttons.

Panels are equipped with a weather resistant mylar speaker (model SK024) protected by a Dark Brown flame retardant polycarbonate plastic grill. ES612 series panels can be flush or surface mounted, when used with the appropriate back box/housing.

These compact panels are available in two sizes. The 5.00" x 11.50" panels accommodates from 2 to 7 push buttons (models ES612/02 thru ES612/07), and the 5.00" x 19.00" panel is used for applications requiring from 8 to 13 push buttons (models ES612/08 thru ES612/13).

In addition, these pushbutton panels feature individually replaceable self-wiping pushbutton switches with built-in nameholders, protected by a polycarbonate snap-on cover. Each pushbutton can be illuminated (for night viewing) by the addition of the optional model 10530 lamp insert (which requires separate 8VAC power).

  • Hands-free loudspeaking
  • Weather-resistant 45 ohm mylar speaker
  • Individually replaceable self-wiping push button switches with built-in nameholders
  • Compact Size - can be Flush or Surface Mounted (with appropriate back box/housing)
  • Simple installation
  • Economical and compact
  • Pushbutton(s) can be illuminated for night viewing with optional model #10530 lamp insert(s)
  • 2mm thick Natural Anodized Aluminum faceplate

Height: 11.50" (292mm) or 19.00" (483mm)
Width: 5.00" (127mm)

Pushbuttons: Individually replaceable type with self wiping contacts and built-in nameholders (model# 10510BR).
Speaker: 2.50" (64mm) 45 ohm voice frequency response
Construction: 2mm thick Natural Anodized Aluminum faceplate
Flush Housings:

OH600 Flush backbox for 11.50"H panel
OH601 Flush backbox for 19.00"H panel
OH600S Surface backbox for 11.50"H panel
OH601S Surface backbox for 19.00"H panel

Tool Required: Model S1 Scrulox (Roberts head) screwdriver
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