Product Specification Sheet APS715

Rev. 11/2013

SI005 Wireless LED Messaging Sign (TC500 Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Wireless Alphanumeric LED Message Sign(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone SI005 or approved equal. The SI005 shall have a large single-line display and shall be capable of storing up to 24 messages. The unit shall provide a choice of tone modes for page annunciation. The LED message sign shall be preprogrammed to receive patient call information from the TC500 Wireless Emergency Call System and/or Tek-CARE®400 (TC400) Nurse Call System via the NC369 Paging Transmitter. The LED message sign shall be programmable for up to six (6) CAP codes. The sign shall annunciate and display alphanumeric patient call information as generated by the emergency or nurse call system. NOTE: the LED message sign is an ancillary method of call annunciation, and is not intended to replace the primary annunciation provided by the nurse call system.

TekTone® has designed the Tek-CARE®500 to work as a system. Its NC501ES Master Station Computer has been carefully designed and matched to work with Tek-CARE®500 wireless and wired peripherals. TekTone® will not warrant or support components of Tek-CARE®500 that are purchased separately unless the components are add-ons to previously sold systems. TekTone® will also not warrant or support a system that is a mix of TekTone® and Non-TekTone® parts, unless prior written permission has been obtained. In order to track our systems and to inform facilities of software upgrades, full site information (site name, address and phone number) will be required when ordering. Site information and NC501ES warranty number will also be required when requesting technical support

SI005 Wireless Alphanumeric LED Message Sign

The SI005 LED Message Sign is a radio paging receiver with a large one-line alphanumeric display.It is designed for use with the Alpha Communications® / TekTone® TC500 Wireless Emergency Call and Tek-CARE®400 (TC400) Nurse Call Systems.

The SI005 stores up to 24 messages. The messages are deleted after a predetermined length of time.

Messages are automatically deleted as new messages arrive (beyond the 24 message limit), with the oldest messages being deleted first. The SI005 may be configured for annunciation via audible tones. The SI005 has been pre-programmed to receive call information from the TC500 and/or TC400 systems, and it can be programmed for up to six CAP codes.

  • One-line backlit LED display
  • Displays 10 to 40 alphanumeric characters per line
  • Configurable for audible alerts
  • Wireless data input
  • Receives text messages from either TekTone® system

Height: 6.75" (172mm)
Width: 28.0" (712mm)
Depth: 4.25" (108mm)

Weight: 8.4 lbs 
Construction: LED display board with RF paging circuitry enclosed in a plastic housing.
Power Supply: Input 115VAC 
Operating Frequency: 457.550 Mhz
Required Components
NC369 Pager Transmitter
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