Product Specification Sheet APS696

Rev. 04/2015

FSE1500 Series Open-Voice QwikBUS™ Intercom/Emergency Stations

FSE1500W (White Finish shown)

Choose from six (6) decorator finishes

Anthracite, 24K Gold Plated, Crystal Glass, Stainless Steel, White and Titanium 

FSE1500 Series Open-Voice QwikBUS™ Intercom/Emergency Stations

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ FSE1500 QwikBUS™ Series stations are designed to work as an apartment type open voice intercom station and with Emergency signaling capabilities, using a minimal of wiring, when used in conjunction with our AlphaEntry™ (v3.0 or later) software and/or hardware. All FSE1500 stations in a building can be wired on only two (2) common (loop) wires! The QwikBUS™ system can support hundreds of FSE1500 stations on a single system. Choose from White and five (5) other decorator inspired finishes. 

These attractive and trim stations easily surface mount right on the finished wall, or can flush mount over a model UMF1000 flush plastic housing, with model HWB mounting screws. Stations can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ-FS (White) desk adapter.

All FSE1500 series QwikBUS™ stations selectable electronic tone signaling, Voice On, Door Release, Call Volume, Call Down and two (2) momentary button switches (marked '1' and '2').

When used with an AlphaEntry™ interface, these switches can be used for additional door release, or other signalling functions, depending upon system configuration. All

FSE1500 series have the ability to connect to an optional model ECD2 dual input wiring harness connector, which allows easy local connection to Emergency, Smoke, Pendant or other dry contact signaling inputs.

  • Convenient Half-Duplex Voice Operation
  • Easy Installation - Only 2 Common (loop) Wires Required
  • Eavesdrop Privacy - except when Emergency call is placed
  • Clear Voice Fidelity using Electret Condenser Microphones
  • Rugged and Reliable / Simple to Operate
  • Mounts Surface, or optionally Flush or Desk mount (with optional extra cost adapters)
  • Available in White and five (5) other extra cost decorator finishes
Dimensions: All FSE1500 series stations are 3.35"W (86mm) x 5.55"H (141mm) x 0.87"D (23mm). All dimensions shown are for the surface wall type station.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 2-Wire open voice intercom/emergency station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ QwikBUSFSE1500 in (White, Titanium, 24K Gold Plated, Crystal Glass, Stainless Steel or Anthracite) color. Station(s) shall be mounted (surface, flush or desktop), with required optional mounting components. Station(s) shall feature electret condenser microphone for clear half duplex voice fidelity (requiring no pressing of any Talk or Listen buttons).

Stations that include simplex type or other voice technologies shall not be acceptable. Station shall include a Voice On, Door Release, Call Volume, Call Down, and two (2) auxiliary calling buttons (marked '1' and '2'). Station(s) shall include a built-in (user selectable) electronic call tone signal. Station(s) shall require only two (2) common (loop) wires for system operation, and can be used with the optional model ECD2 dual input wiring harness connector, for interfacing to Emergency, Smoke, Pendant or other dry contact closure input devices and AlphaEntry™ hardware/software (v3.0 or later).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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