Product Specification Sheet APS685

Rev. 07/2013

SF154A Emergency Push Call Station

Without Button Depressed

With Button Depressed

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Emergency Push Station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® SF154A or approved equal. Operation of all system emergency signals shall be accomplished by depressing the push button switch.

When activated, the switch shall turn from Black to Red, indicating that a call has been placed. Canceling the call shall be possible only at the point of origin. The switch shall be mounted on a white plastic faceplate, marked 'EMERGENCY' in black lettering.

Faceplate shall be made of flame retardant White ABS plastic. Standard mounting screws shall be provided.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SF154A Emergency Push Call Station

The Alpha Communications® SF154A push type emergency station is used to initiate system emergency signals. Signaling an emergency is accomplished by depressing the locking push button switch located at the center of the faceplate to the "IN" position. In this position, the button will appear Red. Depressing the push button again cancels the call and the Red color disappears and turns Black. The signal cannot be cancelled except at the point of origin.

Required Components
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Call activates lamp on annunciator panel and corridor lamp.
  • Mounted on attractive flame retardant white ABS plastic faceplate with the word EMERGENCY in black lettering

Height: 4.50" (114mm) 
Width: 2.75" (70mm) 
Depth: 2.44" (52mm)

Panel: Flame retardant White ABS plastic faceplate
Connection: Wire pigtail leads
Mounting: Steel City #52171 box with Steel City #52C14 plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model IH358 box with IH357 ring, or EXACT EQUAL. Vertical mount.
Marking: Marked EMERGENCY in Black lettering
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