Product Specification Sheet APS673

Rev. 07/2013

1998 SimpleBUS2 Concierge Desk Master Station (audio only type)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

At each master switchboard location, contractor shall furnish and install one Alpha Communications® / Comelit SimpleBUS2 model 1998/A video type (or model 1998 audio only type) Concierge Desk Master Station, or approved equal, and associated power supplies. Master station shall be desk mount type, molded White ABS plastic, and shall have a 32 character LCD display, Day/Night operation switch, call buttons, memory scroll and privacy handset. At each remote location, contractor shall furnish and install the appropriate compatible model SimpleBUS2 video intercom (or intercom only) station(s). Wiring to each video-intercom or intercom only station shall be only 2-common wires (looped).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

1998 and 1998/A Concierge Desk Master Station(s)

The Alpha Communications® / Comelit 1998/A Concierge Desk Master Station is used with the SimpleBUS2 video-intercom system, and can be used in Luxury Apartment Buildings, Assisted Living Facilities, Dormitories, Health Care Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Schools, Offices, Bowling Alleys and Supermarkets. The 1998A provides conversation with remote video-intercom stations as well as door entry station(s). A 32 character LCD readout annunciates both incoming and outgoing calls, and incoming calls are stored in memory for return call-back. Call signalling is by pleasant electronic tone. The 1998/A also has provisions for Day/Night operation with part time doorman/concierge/guard by switching conversation to entry station(s). This station is ideal for large building units because many installation problems have been solved by eliminating the use of switching modules. 

NOTE: for non-video type SimpleBUS2 audio only intercom systems, use the model 1998 Concierge Desk Master Station instead of the 1998/A. The 1998 has all of the same features as the 1998/A and same dimensions, except it does not support video capabilities.

  • Easy 2-Wire Intercom Hookup to Remote Video-Intercom station(s) (looped)
  • Private Conversation from Handset to Switchboard
  • Compact Size 1998/A Master Switchboard Conveniently mounts right on Desk-Top
  • Multiple Entry Panel Capability and Switching standard

All 1998/A and 1998 desk masters are 6.25"W (159mm) x 3.50"H (89mm) x 9.25"D (235mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions, less the coiled cord.

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