Product Specification Sheet APS649

Rev. 07/2013

PK124K Battery Back-Up Kit (used for battery back-up)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The battery charger kit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model PK124K, or approved equal. The PK124K shall provide continuous battery charging for approximately 6 hours for uninterrupted equipment operation during power failures.

The PK124K kit shall be housed an the IH151N surface mount equipment cabinet, and shall include 1- SS106 24VAC transformer , 2- BA001 (12VDC) rechargeable batteries and 1- PK124 battery charger unit.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

PK124K Battery Back-Up Kit

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone PK124K battery backup kit provides for continuous battery charging so that if power system equipment is interrupted, standby operating power is provided for up to approximately 6 hours. (Time may vary depending on system size.) 

Alpha Communications® systems which support the PK124K include NC110N, NC150N and NC200N Nurse Call Systems, DS100  Door Sentry Audible/Visual Emergency Alarm System, AlphaEcall™ and CM800/CM900 Emergency Alarm System, as well as the NC150R Area of Rescue Assistance systems.

The PK124K may also be used for battery backup on various Alpha Communications® apartment entrance system amplifiers.

The PK124K kit includes 1- IH151N surface equipment cabinet, 1- SS106 24VAC transformer, 2- BA001 (12VDC) rechargeable batteries and 1- PK124 battery charger unit.

  • Low voltage operation
  • Reliable alternate power supply
  • Integrated circuit design
  • Easy installation

The IH151N cabinet which houses all of the PK124K components is 11.50"W (293mm) x 11.75"H (299mm) x 3.63"D (93mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions.
Finish: Beige Enamel painted finish.
Knockout: Five (5) total on four (4) sides. One (1) on front cabinet cover, for optional installation of customer supplied lock assembly.
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